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Six Sigma Online was among the very first to offer online-based Six Sigma training and certification. Over 150,000 certified graduates from the Americas to Asia to the Middle East have trusted our accredited programs to enhance their careers.

Our clients range from multi-national corporations like Coca-Cola and BP to Government Organizations like the US Department of Defense.

Have a look at our customer’s reviews for our Six Sigma Training & Certification:

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908 reviews

You people are doing great work. Got my first certificate in Six Sigma as White Belt.

abinash nanda

Wonderful course. Love it


Wonderful Course. I learned a lot.

Dina Marsh

Will continue to get the remaining 3 belts soon!...Thank you!

Greg Hardy

White Belt kostenlos

Frost- Man-

While offering it for Free, this training is the first one I have done with a certification. Keep up the good work.

Alizain Ali

While looking for more information on Six Sigma, I found Aveta Business Institute's free White Belt Certification. It is comprehensive and well-written. The testing for certification is brief yet challenging. I would recommend this to anyone interested in pursuing information or more on Six Sigma methodologies.

Lou Materia

Well structured courses.

Chetan Kukawalkar

Want to thank you for offering the free white belt certificate. It motivated me to want to continue the other test. It is also helpful for people who can not afford the certifications, like myself. Hope you continue to offer this.

Makinit Happen