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Six Sigma Certification in Construction: Overview & Career Options

What is Six Sigma Certification in Construction?

Six Sigma Certification in Construction

It may seem unrealistic to expect that any building can be constructed with Six Sigma efficiency (99.9997%) but it is definitely possible as countless successful companies have proven. In other words, the Six Sigma Process reduces defects to only 3.4 per million opportunities.

Assessing performance and analyzing the data to make sure that the goal has both been achieved AND is being maintained are critical to the overall success of Six Sigma in Construction Management. Once a process has been perfected with Six Sigma Methods, there are safeguards as well as checks and balances put into place to ensure that this efficiency continues through the life of a building or structure that has been constructed. In this particular industry errors mean danger and extremely costly rework using extremely costly raw materials. Taking the time to eliminate errors before they happen is crucial to the success of any company specializing in constructing any type of building or dwelling.

Companies that specialize in construction often have an abundance of processes in place (often concurrently) that need to be coordinated with a large, qualified and skilled labor force. When safety and potentially dangerous situations are involved, it makes it even more critical to ensure there is as little potential for error as possible. Defects in construction result in high costs and safety breaches, and the more defects there are, the more they will affect a company’s overall profits.  Six Sigma certification teaches employees working as a successful team to not only identify the cause of defects within a process but also how to devise effective and statistically driven techniques to eliminate them.  If you are a construction company looking to minimize defects, then sending staff to a Six Sigma course for proper training can really help the bottom line – it should be considered a small investment for a large return when it comes to profitability, increased safety, better informed employees, increased quality and happy satisfied customers.

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The Construction Industry is the branch of manufacture and trade based on the building, maintaining, and repairing of structures. The Six Sigma process is a statistically-based quality control method that reduces errors in a process to near perfection. The roots of the Six Sigma Process are in the Manufacturing sector of business, and one can argue that this is the realm in which this quality control process really shines.

Although Six Sigma has not historically been used in the realm of construction, it has proven to be a perfect match leading to more and more successful construction companies adopting these methods. This is because at its very definition, the construction industry is manufacturing structures. These structures can be considered the ‘product’ and all Six Sigma methodologies can be applied as such. It can be argued that the processes that go into building a dwelling are so complex and on such a large scale that the Six Sigma quality control process is necessary to the safety of everyone involved. The results are safer construction sites, better managed labor force, less dangerous errors, increased quality buildings, and happy satisfied customers.

Our Six Sigma in Construction programs are the same exceptional courses you will find in our standard Six Sigma programs while featuring customized videos that have been specially developed for the Construction industry.

Top 5 reasons why people REALLY choose a Six Sigma Certification in Construction

Cut Costs by Eliminating Errors

Six Sigma focuses on identifying and eliminating any unnecessary waste in a particular system. This is one aspect of the Six Sigma methodology that creates great demand for Six Sigma Certified Professionals, especially true in the construction industry. A chief concern for any construction company, especially in times of seasonal lows, is how to cut costs. The Six Sigma process helps you find effective ways of doing so.

Improve Quality

The process of eliminating errors in processes naturally leads to improved quality, especially when processes need to be repeated in mass, a common occurrence when constructing a dwelling. Construction is all about building the best quality structure at the lowest possible cost– usually on a large scale. A specialized Six Sigma Certification in Construction will give your employees the tools they need to help improve the quality of whatever they are building. Six Sigma is a skill set that all of the leading construction companies in the world know to invest in when it comes time to hire their employees (or invest in the labor force they already employ).

Increase Customer Loyalty

Because the Six Sigma process both eliminates errors and improves quality, customers start to take notice and become loyal to the brand, knowing that they will always be able to get the best possible building at the lowest possible prices. A specialty Six Sigma Certification in Construction will give your employees the practical tools to help increase customer loyalty in any situation that might arise during the build out of their structure.

Increased Employability and Salary Potential

Companies who utilize Six Sigma methods know the importance of quality, and the quality of their employees are at the top of the list. Six Sigma Certified Employees are a resource that construction companies are willing to invest in. This is why salaries of Six Sigma Certified individuals are on average, significantly more than their non-certified colleagues. When the leading companies of the world look to hire employees from construction managers to day to day laborers, they know that individuals who hold Six Sigma Certifications are invaluable resources – especially when that certification is rooted in the construction industry.

Improved Corporate Culture

Six Sigma improves the overall corporate culture within a Construction Company. Because of the hierarchy of Six Sigma Certified individuals, everyone knows their role and expectations within the company – and exactly how teams need to work together to bring about positive changes within a company. As these teams coordinate and work together to reach both short term and long term goals, they form bonds that strengthen the overall company as a whole. Furthermore, as they start to see the results of their hard work (quick construction, quality work, satisfied customers, less construction waste, decreased rate of rework) the drive to continue to reach goals is fostered and rewarded. Six Sigma Certified individuals can seamlessly join Six Sigma Teams already working on projects, especially when their certification is rooted in Construction knowledge.

Job Opportunities with Six Sigma Certification in Construction

An Accredited Six Sigma Certification is a valuable asset in today’s job market. A Six Sigma Certified professional is in high demand and is highly respected. With more Construction Companies adopting Six Sigma methodology to improve performance and reduce defects, certification can open career opportunities for positions all over the world.

Our certifications have attracted the largest and most respected names in construction including Bechtel, Grupo, VINCI, Skanska, Balfour Beatty, and many more.

Average Salaries (comparison):

Master Black Belt Certification (Price: $1,795)
Average Salary: $100,000 - $135,000
Black Belt Certification (Price: $995)
Average Salary: $95,000 - $110,000
Green Belt Certification (Price: $395)
Average Salary: $85,000
Yellow Belt Certification (Price: $195)
Average Salary: $65,000
White Belt Certification (Free)
Average Salary: $42,000

Note: Just as any educational achievement, your career prospects of being Six Sigma Certified is extremely dependent on several factors. Location, previous experience, industry type, etc. all will play an enormous role.

Overview of Six Sigma Certifications in Construction

We offer several different Six Sigma Certification and Lean Six Sigma Certification in Construction courses for your online Six Sigma training needs. Our courses include White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt Certification in Construction programs.

Our accredited training and certification programs in Construction provide for customized learning at every level to allow each individual a role in improving their organization’s processes. This multi-level approach fosters team unity and leads to each employee feeling more valued by the company.

The following Six Sigma Certification and Lean Six Sigma Certification in Construction options are available for our online Six Sigma training:

Six Sigma Certification in Construction Levels:

Six Sigma certification in the Construction field is similar to other professional courses, in that after meeting specified guidelines and following the required procedure, individuals are certified as capable of applying the knowledge in their respective field. There are several stages of the program and with each qualifying level, certain exam scores must be achieved.  These levels are designated in the same manner as a martial arts certification grade, ranging from White Belt (at the lowest level) to Master Black Belt (at the highest level):

Six Sigma White Belt training is an ideal beginner level for those simply looking to understand the basics of Six Sigma. It works best for employees who are unfamiliar with Six Sigma and want to learn more about the methodology and how it can impact an organization.

For a limited time, we are providing free White Belt training and allowing the public to obtain an official Six Sigma White Belt Certification at no cost. As this service is being provided at no cost, please understand that we do not provide instructor or technical support for the Six Sigma White Belt training and certification. This “Six Sigma” Certification is also available in a “Lean Six Sigma” version.

Our Yellow Belt course teaches the relationships between improving quality processes and an organization’s profitability. A certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt has received introductory training in the fundamentals of Six Sigma.

In this training and certification program, you will be trained to identify, monitor and control profit-eating practices within your own processes. You will also be prepared to feed such information to the Black Belts and Green Belts working on larger scale projects. This “Six Sigma” Certification is also available in a “Lean Six Sigma” version.

This course trains and certifies the employees that will directly participate in Six Sigma projects. Our training develops enhanced problem-solving skills and teaches you to apply statistical methods for process improvement.

Green Belt training is ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their career. Improving the quality of processes and experiences has long been effective within all industries and environments. Employees trained in Six Sigma effectively improve customer satisfaction and consistently increase profitability.  Much of a Green Belt Certified individuals responsibilities are to manage small scale project while also supporting Black Belts in larger endeavors.  This “Six Sigma” Certification is also available in a “Lean Six Sigma” version.

This course trains and certifies those who will lead Six Sigma efforts within the organization. A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification will drastically improve your employment opportunities. It not only certifies your knowledge of Six Sigma, but also your qualifications to lead efforts within the organization.

A certified Black Belt exhibits leadership qualities, understands team dynamics, and assigns all team members with roles and responsibilities. In this role, Black Belts also coach, develop, and advise the management and the employees to achieve common goals. This “Six Sigma” Certification is also available in a “Lean Six Sigma” version.

This is an advanced level program that requires successful completion of our Black Belt Certification Program and several project requirements.  For those seeking this achievement, please refer to the bottom of our Black Belt Certification page. This “Six Sigma” Certification is also available in a “Lean Six Sigma” version.

Why Over 6 Million People Have Come to See What We Offer

As one of the most established and longest running providers in the industry for online Six Sigma Training & Certification, we have had millions of people just like you weighing our training against the competition. Here are just a few reasons why many prospective training candidates who have performed their due-diligence have chosen to trust us with their educational needs.

Fully Accredited

Not only is our organization accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification (the largest industry accreditation provider to colleges, universities, and private training organizations worldwide), but we also share some of the same original founders. This speaks volumes to our heritage and our underlying commitment to quality education and consumer value. Many providers come and go, but we have remained a trusted industry pioneer.

Six Sigma Online was among the very first to offer online-based Six Sigma training and certification. Over 150,000 certified graduates from the Americas to Asia to the Middle East have trusted our accredited programs to enhance their careers.

Our clients range from multi-national corporations like Coca-Cola and BP to Government Organizations like the US Department of Defense.

Find out why we are the trusted choice today!

Unlike many Six Sigma Certification providers, we never put an expiration date on your certification.  

Many providers require renewals not so much to benefit their certified students, but instead to increase their own revenues.

This can be extremely lucrative for them as they force you to pay extra exorbitant costs over the course of your entire career.  Even worse, these costs are often hidden the details of the expiration in fine print.  It is not uncommon for a student to be shocked with this information only AFTER they have earned their achievement and see their final certificate.

Think about it… does a college degree come with an expiration date?  Neither should your Six Sigma Certification.

Rest assured that our training is well recognized in the business community and we take the needs of employers very seriously. Many other training providers certify their students without a serious attempt of teaching thorough and lasting fundamentals of Six Sigma business methodologies. Our programs were designed to offer the most flexibility while still retaining a rigorous course-load. Every Six Sigma course offered by the Aveta Business Institute is self-paced.

Our programs have been used throughout the world by some of the largest companies… our certifications are very well respected. Below is a short list of Six Sigma business clients that have benefited from having their employees enrolled into our online program:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Samsung
  • Disney
  • State/Federal Government Agencies

Your life can become unexpectedly busy and stressful… we aren’t looking to make things even worse by imposing unrealistic deadlines. 

Since our courses are designed for individuals whose schedule demands a self-paced approach, you decide when to take your exams.  There is no “set” scheduled online class time (or date).  Our courses were designed to fit around your busy lifestyle.

Our students have 12 months from the time of payment to complete all of their certification requirements.  However, even if you require more than 1 year to complete your program, course extensions can be requested at any time before your deadline from Customer Care (free of charge).

We offer the same quality Six Sigma training you will find at many top universities. 

However, many of these leading collegiate training providers have a problem.  They offer both classroom-based and online-based programs. 

Classroom-based training is much more expensive for these providers since they have to pay for facilities, full-time instructors, travel costs, etc.  When asked to justify the higher price, their only real justification is that since an instructor speaks to an entire class, you would have learned significantly more than if you would have read the same material yourself (even though U.S. Department of Defense studies have shown that online training proved to be more effective in courses of greater complexity than classroom-based instructor-led training).

Let us not also forget that in a classroom environment, students are rushed through their programs (and often not given a chance to absorb the material) due to strict time constraints.  Most importantly, students are not provided a way to easily reference the material later (it is only natural that students will forget pieces of what they have learned as time goes on).

This reasoning makes learning Six Sigma in an online environment HIGHLY preferable to classroom-based training.

In a perfect world, this shouldn’t matter since many respected colleges and universities also offer online courses.  Often, these colleges and universities keep their online prices inflated to help subsidize their classroom-based programs.  This is why you will see our same program sold for double or triple the price elsewhere.

We would much rather keep our prices honest and pass the savings directly to you.

What Our Clients Say

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