FREE Six Sigma White Belt Certification LIMITED TIME Offer

For a limited time, we are providing free White Belt training and allowing the public to obtain an official Six Sigma White Belt Certification at no cost. Although the process to obtain the certification is similar to our other Six Sigma Certification programs, you will not receive access to our regular online learning system.

Instead, our White Belt Certification will be awarded after watching 1 short video, reading 4 short assignments (approximately 14 pages total), and successfully passing an online exam (all provided below).

Because we are offering the White Belt at no cost, some limitations do exist in comparison to our other Six Sigma programs. The most notable is that instead of receiving a physical certificate from us, you will have the opportunity to print out an electronic certificate upon successful passing of the Six Sigma White Belt exam. It is important to make sure that you have the ability to print your certificate as it will be the only proof of certification that you will receive from our organization. You will not receive a hard-copy “stamped” certificate or a Letter of Acknowledgement as you would in our other courses.

The final White Belt Certification also differs significantly in appearance from our standard certifications. Unlike our other certifications, the 6 Sigma White Belt Certification will not contain a verifiable certification number. The electronic certification that you print will serve as the only form of verification of your achievement that we will provide.

As this service is being provided at no cost, we do not provide instructor or technical support for the Lean Six Sigma White Belt training and certification.

Six Sigma White Belt Training & Certification


The Six Sigma White Belt is a course designed to provide the most basic level of understanding of the Six Sigma Methodology. It aims to provide you with a basic definition, history, and structure of the discipline. It also provides a solid understanding of who is involved in the actual implementation within an organization.

To receive your free Six Sigma White Belt Certification:

Step 1: Watch the video: “Understanding Six Sigma

Step 2: Read the article: “What is Six Sigma?” (approximately 3 pages -PDF)

Step 3: Read the article: “Six Sigma History” (approximately 3 pages -PDF)

Step 4: Read the article: “Roles and Responsibilities” (approximately 6 pages -PDF)

Step 5: Read the article: “DMAIC/DMADV” (approximately 3 pages -PDF)

Step 6: Take the Six Sigma Certification “White Belt Exam” (18 questions, minimum 16 correct required to pass – Flash)

Once you successfully complete your exam you will have the opportunity to generate and print your Six Sigma Certification at no cost.

If you experience problems, please visit our White Belt troubleshooting section.


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Originally developed by Bill Smith at Motorola in 1986, the Six Sigma Training program was created using some of the most innovative quality improvement methods from the preceding six decades. The term "Six Sigma" is derived from a field of statistics known as process capability. The term 6 Sigma refers to the ability of manufacturing processes to produce a very high proportion of output within specification. Processes that operate with "six sigma quality" over the short term are assumed to produce long-term defect levels below 3.4 defects per million opportunities. Six Sigma's goal is to improve overall processes to that level of quality or better.