Working on Quality with a Six Sigma Black Belt

One of the things to remember when working with a Six Sigma Black Belt professional is that the individual is trained to search through the processes of your company in order to see where the problems lie. You must be willing, as the company owner, to make changes to the procedures used within your company when they are suggested in order to reap he benefits of this process.

A Black Belt professional utilizes teamwork to see if they can root out the problems that are causing quality issues within a particular company’s products or services. They will put together a team of Green and Yellow Belt Six Sigma professionals to help them do this. If a Black Belt professional feels comfortable letting a Green Belt run the project, they will ask them to do so.  This entire quality management process is based upon teamwork.

If the Black Belt retained authority over the project, he or she will delegate responsibilities, choose a good team, monitor all of the work done, and answer any questions the company executives, Green Belt, or Yellow Belt professionals have.

With only the Master Black Belt level above them as consultants, 6 Sigma Black Belt professionals have the most knowledge about the methods and procedures used to help the company executives and their bottom lines. They have earned their certification in the Six Sigma Methodology though extensive training and are ready to discover what is causing quality issues within different companies.

Six Sigma professionals use several different methods when they are helping company executives make changes within the business. They will suggest and recommend changes that will benefit both the employees and the executives. Some business owners are wary of making a lot of changes to the procedures that they have used for many years.

If they have consulted with a Six Sigma professional, they are trying to find ways to improve their business. They may need some convincing when it comes to making those changes. Although it is not the responsibility of the 6 Sigma professional to make those changes, it is wise to follow their advice. They have come to a conclusion as to the benefit of making quality enhancement improvements, either within one department or company wide.

Business owners should always remember to keep their employees informed about any changes that might be made to their specific department. It is not wise or respectful to keep employees in the dark about changes that might be made that could affect them. If they are notified about the changes well before they are made, it is easier to adjust. Employees should never be confused about how to do their job. This causes job dissatisfaction and can devastate the quality within a company bringing further need for change and adjustments.  In order for the Six Sigma Process to work, the entire workforce within a company needs to be on the same team, working together towards quality improvement.