Why One Would Wish To Become a Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Mention the term black belt and almost anyone will presume that you are trained in martial arts. It is true that achieving this level of training takes a great amount of work and intelligence along with self-discipline. Using that as our basis, allow it to be explained what kind of master black belt to which we are referring to here; a Six Sigma Black Belt, expert in this particular quality control methodology.

Whether a person decides to show initiative and go after this training on their own or their employers see in them the qualities to make a great black belt matters little. It is what you learn and how you use that knowledge that will open the future up for you.  This particular training will teach you to focus on business costs, and most importantly, how those business costs can be reduced. How your company performs in delivering what the customer demands will often rest solely in your hands.

What you are going to do during your learning process (Six Sigma Black Belt Training) is how to collect data and statistics; analyze it; and come up with a means of improving performance. It is the job of the master black belt to reduce defects to a minimum; maximize customer satisfaction; and reduce the amount of time it takes to achieve this. Six Sigma Methodology has been around for some time and more and more companies are taking advantage of its benefits to cut costs in a dire economic environment.

As with karate, a black belt is the highest level of training you can achieve in the world of industry and production. Not only can you personally use these invaluable skills, but you are capable of teaching those same attributes to others. This is a process referred to as DMAIC which is an acronym meaning define, measure, analyze, improve, and control; the steps of a Six Sigma Project.

These five key elements are what the black belt uses when they need to overcome any problem facing industry. They not only need to know the business like they know the back of their own hand, but they also need to know and understand exactly what it is that the client prioritizes. They must know what the basic causes are in regard to production highs or lows and what it is that is causing this to happen.

A person of this distinction can work alone or as the leader of a team. They act as advisers and mentors to those that are under their direction. It is their job to present project details and work with their team to find ways of producing the highest quality product or service at the most cost effective price.

These people are the ones who handle a lot of pressure without it interfering with the job he or she is doing. Some companies will require a person of this caliber to save them up to a quarter million dollars in order to prove their worth. It involves much more than stepping up to the plate; it involves hitting a home run.

If your organization needs to be able to compete globally, it is the master black belt that will make happen. They are constantly thinking outside the box for new and innovative ways to cut cost. Their skills are ever growing.