What You Need to Know about a Six Sigma Black Belt

The term Six Sigma Black belt was borrowed from the world of martial arts studies, with the color black representing the highest achievement level. Someone who is considered to have a black belt in Karate is the most experienced in this field of study. They are the experts, and are even good enough at what they do to instruct others how to develop the skills of Karate.  The case is the same within the Six Sigma Method of quality improvement for businesses.

Six Sigma Certified Black Belts are the professionals who know this method, and all the tools required to implement the process, and make it a success. The people who are considered to be proficient at this level (or Master Black Belts) are the individuals who can instruct or teach all the other levels (White, Yellow, and Green Belts) to use the tools they need to work together and reduce the number of defects that can occur in the product, or service they are producing.

When a company has a project in mind that will result in profits higher than $150,000 they employ the services of a black belt. These individuals are highly proficient in the use of the six sigma methods, and implementing them. If the intended project is not as large, or expectations are not that high, they may use a less experienced green belt to oversee that particular project’s details.

This method is basically used to look at a project for a new or already existing product or service and determine any problems that might exist in the design that could possibly cause the product or service to be defective. If the entire process is analyzed properly, the design and development team can identify the possible causes of any problem that may occur and rectify the problem before it happens.

The use of customer expectations and requirements is carefully considered when performing the data compilation on a project like this. The design team needs to anticipate how the consumer will use the product or service, and what might go wrong during this usage. Then, they can implement design changes based on the data they have.  The development part of the team will require all the compiled data, and projected outcomes so they can see the item through to production, avoiding any pitfalls that have already been foretold.

Before the development team can release the product or service to be marketed to the public, it must once again be analyzed to determine if there are any flaws in the production that could result in defects in the future. Testing and analysis will be used to obtain an accurate portrayal of how the consumer will use, and will accept the item in question.

The main goal of a company that implements the Six Sigma method is to increase product dependability and reduce product defects, and at the same time, increase customer satisfaction. This is turn increases company profit from the manufacture of the product. A six sigma black belt can assure the company of these goals by teaching the various members of the teams to use their charting system, data correlation, analysis, and statistics to figure the entire project design before they begin to build.