What Six Sigma Green Belt Training Is

Six Sigma is a business management program that helps companies recover from financial and organizational losses by pinpointing defects and rectifying them.  In order to accurately implement the business management program, there are individuals ranked at certain levels of Six Sigma Certification.  One of these levels is the Green Belt or SSGB. An SSGB works under a Black Belt. This team of certified individuals is able to implement this methodology, collect vital data and effect positive change in a company.

SSGBs are tasked with collecting information and providing it their team leaders. They do most of the work within the company and are essential to the program’s development and success. While their task can be viewed as a smaller scale of the whole process, Green Belts use important tools and objectives to complete their tasks and are a thus an asset to any company.

Six Sigma Green Belt individuals receive important course objectives from their team leaders. They spend almost half of their time collecting information or data and managing their assignments. They utilize various tools within this methodology which enables them to create an effective project and see to its completion.

SSGBs are specifically given the tools they will need to enhance the products and services of a business as well as enable the company to make a profit and gain a higher reputation within the industry during certification. They are also trained to be able to clarify the most complicated of statistical formulas needed to process a project or task.

Six Sigma Green Belt employees, with the use of this business management methodology, are able to clarify concepts with the team as well as understand customer oriented processes. Using special tools like the Kano diagram, they are able to calculate both short and long term values in any given project.

Once an employee has successfully completed their training, they will operate within a specific area of the company and see to several projects and tasks with a group of their peers. In order to become certified for this position, one will need to take SSGB training courses. These courses can be performed on-site or online. Some companies often offer funding for on-site and online courses while others offer incentives for employees with these certifications.

Green Belt certification cannot be carried from company to company because of certain variations in procedures and policies within each company. Trainees will have to undergo various exams before awarded the rank of a SSGB. In addition to tests, individuals will be tasked with implementing the DMAIC methodology, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

Lastly, individuals will have to be adequately trained in the use of specific tools within this methodology. Such tools include statistical aids, histograms, and Pareto diagrams, among many others. These are often provided during training courses.  Persons who have successfully been awarded the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification are open to promotions and added benefits and incentives due to their improved knowledge as an asset to the company. These individuals are highly sought after as many businesses have begun to implement Six Sigma within their services and products.