Using the Six Sigma Methods on a Freelance Basis

Many businesses would profit greatly if they brought on board a Six Sigma freelance professional.  These professionals help guide a business owner, new or experienced, in the methods of Six Sigma and show the business owner what can be done to improve the overall quality of the company.

Black Belt and Green Belt (if it is a smaller project) Six Sigma professionals can design projects that will narrow down where the problems and defects are in the company.  This could be anything from employee satisfaction to a low productivity rate.  The reasons for dissatisfaction with the company could be many.  It is the job of the professionals to weed out these problems and find solutions to eliminate them.

Some Six Sigma professionals work on their own, moving from one company to another going through projects and helping these companies improve their standards and quality.  If a business owner is considering using a freelance Six Sigma professional, they should try to find one that is familiar with the industry of their particular business.  Since Six Sigma can be introduced and used in any industry because the policies and methods can be applied to anything that has to do with business.   It is wiser if the Six Sigma professional has worked with a company’s specific industry before because there are variables and differences to each one that must always be considered.  In other words, it helps to have industry-specific experience.

Freelance professionals often have a broad range of knowledge about many industries and how to apply the methods to improving the quality of the companies within it.  Specialties, like working with the automotive industry, are sometimes chosen by some professionals, especially if they have worked in the industry and have experience with it.

It is also easier to calculate results, predict obstacles, and formulate contingency plans when the professional has knowledge and experience in the industry.  The executives will be introducing the professional to the culture of their particular company and will not have time to teach the professional about the industry they work in.  At the same time, the professional will be introducing the executives and their staff to the methods of Six Sigma and how to use those methods to improve the business. So to be successful, it is important that both the company and the professional be at the top of their game and understands what is needed from them. It is not necessary to choose a specific industry to work in as a specialty because Six Sigma can be applied to so many businesses.  However, it is good to know as much as possible about the industry the project is currently being designed for in order to success to be had.