The Six Sigma Black Belt Mentality

Throughout any organization you will find all types of employees. Ranging from weekend-warrior workaholics to the master’s of “task delegation”. However, which employees fit the profile of a Six Sigma Black Belt? Considering some of your company’s largest improvement projects will be led by these individuals it is crucial that they are a good fit. Here is what is important:

  • “Go-Getters” Need Only Apply: The most important thing should be their desire to achieve. They should not only “think” that they can achieve the goals, but they should have the history to back it up. And obstacles, no problem… Black Belts are natural and dedicated problem solvers.
  • The Brains to Back it Up: Black Belts have to be well trained to handle the several tools of Six Sigma. It is not surprising to find them to be extremely logical; following the facts very closely every step of the way. There is very little chance that a Black Belt will carry out a project on a “hunch”.
  • The Power to Lead: Let’s face it… if they are going to lead a team through an entire Six Sigma process, they better have some great communication skills. The ability to organize, effectively teach, and report information is crucial in the Black Belt role.
  • Team Player: As important as it is to be a leader, it is just as important to be part of the team. Six Sigma implementation requires the support of an entire company. Black Belts may find themselves motivating and resolving conflicts within the organization.
  • Know The Fundamentals: Since the job requires using several formulas it usually helps to have some solid math skills. We’re not talking rocket-science here… just some basic algebra should do the trick.

By combining some or all of these factors you stand a strong chance of having solid project leadership. Just remember, Black Belts are just one component in the Six Sigma methodology. All parts must work in sync to have a successful implementation.