The Knowledge a Six Sigma Black Belt Should Possess

High value personnel are expected of Six Sigma Certified individuals, but not all of them are equally trained or talented.  It is important for businesses and organizations to have a standardized method for training Black Belts.  

Six Sigma Black Belts (SSBBs) may be trained differently amongst different organizations but as long as the standards are kept the same, they should come out knowing the same information even though it may have been presented or taught in a different way.  Six Sigma Black Belts are important to any organization in that they are the individuals who carry out the program objectives; namely the quality improvement projects.  SSBBs should have comprehensive knowledge in the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) process.  Defining the process, measuring the current process baseline, analyzing factors, improving the process, and controlling the process flow are the principles of the DMAIC process.  

It is vital that as an employee of a company and as a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt that an individual thoroughly knows the processes.  They should have hands on experience when it comes to projects and have the ability to identify problems.  It is essential to have technical abilities and active involvement in day to day projects throughout the organization.  When they are familiar with the tools and techniques used throughout an organization, they will be able to problem solve more easily.  They should definitely have an understanding of how to use statistical tools when making decisions.

SSBBs should be able to pick up information relatively easy throughout the course of a day.  Defining goals and making sure that they are achieved is expected.  They should be able to make and execute business plans and stay on target when it comes to a completion date.  It is important for each individual to be aware of all of the key people within an organization.  They should be able to devise, test and conduct customer surveys when needed throughout the course of a project.  It is also important to be able to validate survey results, identify any differences and report and incorporate the results of the survey.

Six Sigma Black Belts have an identified leadership role within a business or organization; they also play the role as change agent.  It is extremely they carry themselves in a professional manner at all times and have strong communication skills.  They must be able to advocate for the customer clientele and maintain their leadership qualities.  It is vital that they are patient individuals and who are also technologically inclined.  A strong background in statistics is also a beneficial quality for them to possess. SSBBs are also known as change agents within an organization as they are responsible for leading the way to change when it is required.  They are highly trained quality improvement professionals who are able to get the job done, no matter the difficulty.