The Colors of Six Sigma: The Green Belt

Six Sigma is a model that is used by many companies today when they have a quality issue. Many business owners cannot see what is going wrong with their company and need a neutral view to be able to change, improve, and progress.

The quality of products or services is extremely important when it comes to the success or failure of a business. There could be many reasons for poor quality, and it is a taxing job to figure out where these problems lie.  They could be because of low morale among the employees, poor relations with stock and shareholders, or poor customer service.

All of these reasons have separate governing departments and each one must be analyzed for flaws within the procedures.  When there are many people working together towards the same goal, it is easy to point fingers.  These is where the Six Sigma Process is helpful in assisting businesses to find the reasons for poor quality first, and then proceed to help them fix what is wrong, and finally, help them to keep up the changes that they have implemented.

Within Six Sigma, there are three main Belt levels. The top Belt level, the individual with the most knowledge and experience, is a Black Belt. The Black level professional will lead most projects, discuss issues with the company executives, delegate tasks, and choose teams. They will act as a consultant to both the lower and upper administration within the company, and also to the Yellow and Green professionals.

Green Belt
professionals are one step below the Black Belt professionals. They often have enough experience to work as the lead on the project or if they are already well experienced in the industry they are working in. If they are not asked to lead the project, they will act as a middleman between the Black and Yellow level professionals.

While the Black Belt professional is running the project and overseeing the entire plan, and the Yellow Belt professionals are collecting and analyzing data, the Green Belt is taking up any extra tasks that need to be done and keeping things as organized as possible.

The Yellow Belt professionals will analyze and collect all of the data they can find, and discuss the results with the Green Belt professional, who will then perform a diligent analysis and show the results of this data to the Black Belt professional. All of the information is analyzed by all members of the Six Sigma team.

They will search for resolutions to the quality issues they discover. Many processes and procedures are flawed because companies do not progress with the times. It is very important to utilize new technology and new techniques in communications, incentive programs, and shareholder relations in order for their business to be successful.