Six Sigma Training- Practical Applications in Nursing

Nursing is one industry, like many in healthcare, which needs to operate at peak performance all the time. When you use Six Sigma Training in other industries, increased profits or business success is usually the goal. However, in the healthcare industry, and nursing in particular, the Six Sigma Process is about a lot more than the bottom line. Patient care, and more importantly proper patient care, is critical and usually the focus of Six Sigma Projects in nursing. Whether you are dealing directly with patient issues or streamlining processes, it all revolves around better performance in relation to serving the patients that come into a facility.

Practical applications of Six Sigma Training within the nursing industry can vary greatly. One such example would be if you were to implement a Six Sigma Process to determine how to better utilize resources so that there are an adequate number of nurses available to serve all patients in a reasonable amount of time. If you have a situation where this is not happening, it can affect the entire operation of the facility, and that will always produce a negative outcome every single time. If you take the opportunity instead to figure out exactly how your resources are being used through Six Sigma Process metrics, you can then re-allocate those resources in a much better way that will work for everyone.

Six Sigma will allow you to see exactly how things are operating on a numbers level. You can then use that data to come up with a plan for better execution of operations and procedures, including things like scheduling and other processes that take place within the nursing field. Using Six Sigma Training to improve the nursing world is a great way to have an analytical approach that stands on something more than just a trial-and-error process of finding what works.

There are instances where Six Sigma Training isn’t always the right answer for every situation, but it can prove to be very effective when it does turn out to be the right solution. You simply need to step back and evaluate the situation as it stands, and then make the best decision as to how to handle it. If you find that Six Sigma is a potential tool that you can use, you can guarantee that you’ll find many different advantages to using it. However, if you end up deciding that it isn’t right for you, there is no harm done in that particular situation. As long as it is employed correctly, Six Sigma Training can be effective for process improvement in nursing.