Six Sigma Online Announces Free Six Sigma Certification for a Limited Time

Aveta Business Institute is excited to announce that it will be providing free six sigma certification through its website . For a limited time, the public can obtain Six Sigma White Belt training and certification at no cost.

The program consists of 4 Six Sigma PDF lessons, a Flash Video, and an online final examination. Upon successful completion of the final comprehensive exam, a printable “White Belt Certification” is available immediately.

The White Belt is a relatively new introductory level of Six sigma certification. President and CEO of Aveta Business Institute Craig Setter previously asserted that he was opposed to the new Six Sigma White Belt Professional designation. In October of 2010, Setter stated:

“The Six Sigma Yellow Belt already stands as a recognized introduction to Six Sigma for auxiliary members of the Six Sigma Team. It was designed to fill the need of employers to educate employees that were not actually involved in Six Sigma projects. The White Belt, on the other hand, was solely designed to expand the product line of training providers. That is why the White Belt continues to not be recognized by the Six Sigma Community.”

Six Sigma White Belt training and certification serves as an introduction to Six Sigma methodologies; it is a step below the Yellow Belt. While Setter still feels the same way, more and more students have been inquiring about a White Belt Certification Course. Because of the demand, Aveta Business Institute’s Six Sigma Online is introducing a trial option for White Belt training, but at no cost to the user. Setter explains,

“Our goal as a training provider is to offer our students the best possible Six Sigma learning experiences, and to better the Six Sigma community as a whole.

“Although we do not acknowledge the White Belt as a true Six Sigma Professional, we are not opposed to offering a basic ‘Six Sigma 101′ White Belt Course and Certification.

“Because of our belief that Six Sigma training providers should not be exploiting an introductory course for profit combined with the economic hardships that many are facing recently, it seemed like a perfect fit to offer a Six Sigma White Belt Certification free of charge.”

This complimentary White Belt Training and Certification can be found at .