Six Sigma Master Black Belt Information and Facts

The Master Black Belt is always available to assist the Black Belt in any decisions they need to make and have questions about.  They will train others in the intricate details of running a Six Sigma project and offer advice for future reference.   

When working with a Six Sigma team of people, organizations generally deal with a Black Belt professional.  This individual is the one who will lead the team of people through the proper procedures to find flaws in the processes within the company and suggest ways to improve them. These Black level professionals will have trained with a Master Black Belt professional during the first few projects they oversee.  This is to ensure that they have a consultant to help them if they should come up on an unfamiliar problem.  This can easily happen because Six Sigma methods can be applied to any company in any kind of industry.

A BB professional is in charge of developing a Six Sigma plan for the organization that will repair damage and improve procedures so that the overall quality of output for the company is heightened.  To do this, they must be able to choose the right Yellow and Green Belt professionals in order to make a proper Team.  They must be trained to look for the skills that are necessary in the particular industry of the hiring organization.

Both small and large organizations use the 6 Sigma methodology to help them improve the quality of their products and services.  There are several departments that are often affected by the proposed changes, especially if the company is very large. Global companies hire 6 Sigma professionals because the core issues can become hidden beneath all of the business processes that are necessary to keep the company running. Black level professionals can advance to a Master when they have completed additional training and have been in charge of many Projects that have successfully saved company money.

The Master will not usually deal with anyone other than the BB in charge of the project and the executives of the company that has hired them.  This methodology is highly based upon a teamwork environment; everyone must work together in order to reap the benefits of the process.  

A Master Black Belt benefits the project when they are able to answer all the questions posed to them.  The Six Sigma Champion will bring the project to the Master, asking that they work with the Black Belt professional to ensure the plan is implemented smoothly.  The Green and Yellow Professionals will work together to do much of the data collection and analysis so that the more highly skilled professionals can work together to fix the quality problems that might exist.