Six Sigma Certification – Benefits for your Business

Six Sigma Certification – Will It Really Benefit Your Organization?

The success of Six Sigma Certification and implementation depends on many factors. It requires nothing less than a relentless effort and dedication to see that it succeeds. Although specific procedures may be in place, an equal responsibility lies on upper management to dedicate their 100% of their time and resources to this mammoth task. The top and bottom ends of your business, and all those in between, need to come together with single minded contributions to make Six Sigma certification and implementation successful.

Six Sigma Certification Benefits To Your Business – An Overview

You need to realize that, before the real implementation begins with Six Sigma methodology, the groundwork needs to be laid. Depending on the size and culture of your business, your team needs to have a brainstorming session, with key focus on potential benefits and consequences of having your employees attain Six Sigma certification. As the employer, you need to sponsor your employees in their Six Sigma training efforts. The decision to go for Six Sigma certification is nothing less than a dollars and cents decision.

Benefits To Your Business

Six Sigma certification benefits are both tangible and intangible. Intangible benefits can be in the form of customer loyalty that will follow the life of your business. Below we examine some of the benefits of Six Sigma certification.

  1. Increase In Your Bottom Line: Six Sigma certification results in improved processes, better utilization of resources like finances, time and materials and reduction in the cost of production. On the customer side, there is higher satisfaction with products/services. This improves your bottom line substantially.


  1. Six Sigma Certification Increases Shareholder Value: Fundamentally, this results from increased revenues, but in addition to this, there is increased customer loyalty and confidence that raises the stock values as well as the value to shareholders (to whom you are responsible).


  1. Total Customer Satisfaction: Customers get more than what they asked for on the product/service side, at a lower price or higher value.


  1. Decreased Employee Attrition: Six Sigma training boosts employee morale due to a reduced workload. Six Sigma certified employees realize the positive returns of quality work, which keeps them motivated. This reduces employee turnover and burnout.


  1. Six Sigma Certification Creates A Win-Win Situation For The Supply Chain: In converting supplier-customer relationships to long-term partnerships, both parties win. Six Sigma training and certification accelerates this process with its focus on quality; prices come down and both the product quality and life cycle time improve.