Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Green Belt

The Six Sigma Green Belt certification requires enrollment into a Six Sigma green belt curriculum. A green belt will be able to work under a six sigma black belt on projects as support – they are known as the ‘worker bees’ in the Six Sigma world. Green belts also are able to use analysis for solving problems due to quality standards, help with projects and be able to use the knowledge obtained from the Six Sigma tools learned in training.

A black belt certification requires a Six Sigma project be completed.  This project is usually allowed to be real or hypothetical if real data is not available. A black belt is able to explain the philosophies of six sigma along with all tools or systems, understand leadership roles, use benchmarking and performance measures as well as demonstrate a grasp of all components used while managing teams. A black belt is also able to explain and utilize all elements of project charters and track their progress, use measurement systems and probability as well as create hypotheses tests and be able to read the results properly. These are only a few of the skills that will be gained by taking the Six Sigma Black Belt certification courses

Certified Six Sigma Black Belts are also known as ‘change agents’ in six sigma, as they possess the leadership skills required to get everyone in the company ‘on board’ and excited about Six Sigma methodologies and changes in the workplace.  This is important for the success of Six Sigma, and subsequently the increase in the bottom line – a goal for everyone involved.  Obviously, a Six Sigma Black Belt candidate must possess good leadership skills.

The black belt or green belt both have the option of taking the master black belt courses and certification exams. It is required that the black belt training be taken prior to the master black belt training, with high test scores. The master black belt certification requires additional extensive training in the Six Sigma Methodologies.  Master Black Belt Training Courses are offered by many Six Sigma Training Providers.