Six Sigma and its Use in Military

Six Sigma has already been utilized by the United State’s Department of Defense and by their Marines. It has successfully improved efficiency and CPI efforts within the Military.

When Six Sigma was incorporated into the Military, there were several goals that needed attention. They sought to regulate and maximize several aspects of war fighting and combat. 6 Sigma was originally developed by Motorola especially for the manufacturing industry but was successfully integrated into the United States Department of Defense and is still being used to this day.

As it concerns Six Sigma, the United States Military and Department of Defense were in dire need for an efficient and productive system. Whenever processes or procedures are standardized, they are completed in faster times which will automatically improve the entire process and industry 6 Sigma is being used in. Improving processes within the Military would ultimately lead to improved safety for the people it protects. Efficiency and expenses have always been two very important aspects and are important and vital parts of improving the entire process. The safety of the public relies heavily on having these processes operate better and more efficiently, which will lead to ideal abilities and actions within the Military.

Six Sigma, having been originally developed as a manufacturing quality assurance program, was very complex when translated it into an operation. 6 Sigma is simple in comparison to the Military in terms of business operations. The program had to undergo various alterations and changes as the process needed to incorporate several levels of expertise and training in several different aspects. Once it had been translated, it was implemented within the supporting roles and logistics of the Military and was a compulsory training session.

Military 6 Sigma still does not operate in the same way it would within the manufacturing industry, but it is the perfect application with which to solve necessary issues. By pulling the basic tools and mainframe from 6 Sigma, and successfully altering them within a Military setting it was able to improve the organization and add a level of quality and efficiency it was lacking before. Six Sigma greatly changed and altered the individuals both on the field and off, enabling them to do their jobs with efficiency and ease and ultimately better protecting America’s citizens.