Should You Opt for Six Sigma Green Belt Training?

Six Sigma Green Belt training will quickly put you into a very active role in the Six Sigma team.  Green Belts are those certified within the Six Sigma teams that are not required to assume leadership positions. Green Belts are the ‘worker bees’ of Six Sigma, and do not have the proper training for the leadership roles even if they desired to be a leader.

Six Sigma Green Belt training will encompass the concepts that are essential to the Six Sigma methodologies, but leadership skill will not be as necessary at this level.  Those who go through this training will begin their training with an overview of Six Sigma as a whole and the reasons that companies opt to use the Six Sigma methods.  Green Belt training will then lead into breaking down the DMAIC paradigm, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.  The breakdown of the DMAIC processes will allow the Green Belt students to become familiar with the processes and Six Sigma methodologies that are responsible for the improvement in business processes.  The detailed information that needs to be known about the DMAIC processes should be what Six Sigma Green Belt training courses are mainly centered around.  Of course, team work will be another important aspect of Green Belt training. 

Green Belts will be team players, therefore, communication skills will be worked upon and the Green Belt students will be trained to know their specific roles in the Six Sigma team.  The Green Belts are just as important, if not more important than the other levels of Six Sigma Belts and other designated specialty levels and these students must realize the importance of their role in the team.    

Six Sigma Green Belt training programs are great option for business owners who have employees that want to be part of a team and they are a great option for those who want to further their career options.  Those who become Green Belt certified may find that they want to move up the Six Sigma ladder to become a Six Sigma Black Belt or other Six Sigma specialty.  However, those who are not interested in leadership roles will be most comfortable at the level of Six Sigma Green Belt.