Productive Business Skills

Productive business skills are essential as a good project manager or in any type of management position within a business.  Productivity allows a business to get the most work done using the lowest amount of resources possible. Some of the business skills associated with productivity include time management, meeting management, leadership, systems, and personal productivity.

Business skills include time management.  You need to be able to manage time well.  You also need to be able to manage employee time.  If you have a good ability to manage employee and your own time well, then more work can be done in a day.  Some managers don’t pay attention to how employees are getting the work done.  As long as they are getting something done, they are fine.  When time management is in place, more productivity occurs and a manager is more successful in his or her position, as well as the business as a whole.

Business skills also require meeting management capabilities.  More time is wasted in meetings for employees than most other time of day at almost every company.  Meetings should be well organized and planned for maximum productivity.  If your meetings are spent wasting time talking about things unrelated to business, managing meetings is not one of your best business skills. 

Business skills require leadership.  Leadership means you have the ability to lead a team of people.  Leadership is not management.  Leadership means people are motivated and want listen when you speak.  Employees want to work with you and you have a way with people.  Leadership is a skill not everyone has and it cannot always be learned.  Leadership comes natural to some people and being a good leader makes you a major asset to a company.

Business skills in managers require an ability to manage systems also.  You need to be able to create and implement systems for employees and those that are automated.  Having the ability to put a system in place that works for everyone and is productive is one of the business skills companies really need from their employees in order to be successful.

Personal productivity is one of the business skills you need to acquire along with every employee you hire.  Personal productivity means you have the ability to work alone and be productive.  You need to have a good rhythm, be social, detail oriented, and creative.  However, the areas you struggle in should not be in productivity.  You cannot lead other people to being productive if you do not have personal productive business skills.