Lean Six Sigma – Adding BPM in Real Application

A global leader in self-service delivery and security systems and services, Diebold realized recently, like many companies usually do, that changes needed to be made within the company in order to improve their business. They defined goals of speed, accuracy, customer satisfaction, and waste reduction as their primary motive for seeking Six Sigma assistance and implementation within their organization. There are many tools that the company has used up to this point to help them map out processes and understand how they can fix things, but they are now seeking something that offers simulations and projected model costs for them to investigate and analyze.

Their choice in companies is not surprising, as Savvion is a leading trailblazer in the BPM industry, offering the best of their services to anyone who needs them. Diebold wants to implement Lean Six Sigma for the driving of measurable improvements, which they cannot do on their own. Lean Six Sigma offers the speed, simulation, and development tools that they need, and they have searched far and wide to ensure that they are making the best decision. Their evaluations led them to Savvion, who with any luck will help them to cut costs and improve processes through Lean Six Sigma and waste elimination.

The company has already started working with process models to develop quality alert processes that allows them to reduce response times and improves communication throughout the organization, which they are very happy with thus far. Their goal was to work with an effective solutions provider so that they can make the most of their situation and get the best results every time, and it seems like everything is working out in their favor so far. It’s just one more real example of how Six Sigma is actually applied in real life, and not just in hypothetical situations. Companies really ARE using Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, and the benefits are obvious.

Improved processes lead to improved business overall. Diebold isn’t naive, and they understand the critical nature of having the most efficient and productive processes that they can. This is why they partnered with Savvion in the first place. Their goal was to find a BPM tool that could help them to be more effective and faster at implementing changes, and Savvion offered exactly that with their Lean Six Sigma tools and processes. Diebold has more than 17,000 employees and is headquartered in Canton, Ohio, USA.