Information about the Six Sigma Green Belt

The business method Six Sigma is an improvement process that was expertly developed by the Motorola Company. It is a highly adaptable method and can be used in nearly any industry that chooses to take advantage of it. Six Sigma is an approach that tries to focus on things like increasing the satisfaction of customers, reducing errors, and continuous improvement. Because the method is based on different levels of expertise, such as the Green Belt and Yellow belt, it often invokes the image of the martial arts.

Training to be a Green Belt in the Six Sigma program involves first a general understanding of the basic concepts of the business method. A number of different corporations and agencies currently offer Green Belt training and certification, including the military.

Most aspiring Six Sigma Professionals take the courses, which are generally tailored to their work and schedule through their company, but many others opt to complete the courses remotely or on the internet. The length of course and its sign-up fee will vary from place to place and the trainee must pass a comprehensive exam and demonstrate their understanding of the knowledge gained before receiving the coveted title.

The roles and responsibilities of Green Belt professionals include leading others through their projects, participating in team building exercises, and providing as much assistance as they can with collecting data for the projects of Black Belt team leaders. Green teams typically also are called upon to solve lower level management issues, such as reducing the amount of variation in employee work, and generally leave the bigger problems to the Black Belts.

While those currently in this level won’t be privy to the amount of information at the Black Belt level, they will gain access to the core information of the Six program. This basic information includes how to utilize the programs five phase methods, how to resolve certain projects, and advanced knowledge regarding histograms, diagrams, and charts.

There are numerous benefits to advancing to this level. Business men and women of this belt color receive the benefits of increased marketability and increased job prospects. They also provide the levels below and above, as well as their entire company, the benefits of their knowledge and skills. This is most evident in the overall success of Six Sigma corporations.

The program internally monitors and checks out any external training and certification courses very carefully in order to ensure that they can stand up to the organization’s strict standards. There is no official accrediting branch, so one should choose a training provider very carefully. Anyone interested in seeking out a certification course should carefully review its credentials and determine its quality.

There are no necessary prerequisites in order to obtain before becoming a Six Sigma Green Belt.  A prospective trainee must simply pay the course dues, understand the core values and information, and be or become employed by a company or industry that uses and recognizes this esteemed business method.