How to Qualify as a Six Sigma Green Belt

There are many quality websites that can help any business individual qualify to become a Green Belt Six Sigma professional. It is beneficial to both yourself and the company that you work for if you understand how to use Six Sigma methods.

When employers discover that their employees are learning about the Six Sigma methods, they are impressed and pleased. It could easily lead to more money on a paycheck or a desired promotion.  Sometimes, a company will even pay for your training and certification akin to them sending you for a master’s degree.

Within the 6 Sigma methodology, the professionals work on a Belt-level hierarchical system. The top Belt level is the Black Belt. The black level professionals are the leaders of the projects. They have the most experience, and the most knowledge.  They will delegate tasks, choose their teams and consult with company executives. The second level is the Green Belt. At this level, professionals work as a middleman between Yellow Belt professionals and Black Belt professionals. Since the Black Belt is generally the leader, and the Yellow Belt works to analyze and collect data from the company processes and procedures, the responsibility of organizing the project on all three levels goes to the Green Belt.

A green level professional benefits the business more if he or she has been working as an established employee for some time, and can offer 6 Sigma knowledge combined with company-specific experience when the business seems to be having trouble. By understanding the in and outs of the company, and also understanding how to utilize various 6 sigma methods, the green level professional can more easily spot flaws within current procedures. The goal of the professional is to enhance and improve the quality of their services and their products company-wide.

One positive outcome from having previous knowledge within a company is that the Green Belt has an opportunity to gain more experience by running the project. Company executives that call in Six Sigma professionals usually consult with the Black level Professional. However, if they know that one of their employees has the knowledge needed to improve and enhance the output quality, the Green Belt then, has the chance to show the right level of knowledge and skill, benefiting the company at the same time. Although a company does not want to have a lot of quality issues, the more experience a Green Belts gets, the better their chances at leading a project on their own.

Having prior knowledge of the processes being used within a company is better no matter what level the Six Sigma professional is, as long as they have educated and trained themselves well.