How to Become a Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma is a statistical approach used in business to achieve quality improvement. Its main aim is to completely rid a company of variation within products or services. In order for a company to complete a six sigma project, an organization should collect data regarding the processes that take place and then make changes to reduce or eliminate the variation in them. Green belt certification is considered the first level of certification and it is awarded to individuals that complete the training and sit for testing.

All you need to know in order to obtain a Six Sigma Certification are the following steps. Earning this certification will advance your career as well as improve your organization. It is important to get support from the company you work for; often times, they will finance the training as it will directly help to contribute to an increased bottom line for the company. It is essential to earn their support because after some time, you may be required to carry out a project to prove your knowledge before you can be trusted to gather statistics on your own.

If the firm you work for is not interested in the six sigma process, then your certification might not be important to your current employer. You can start by looking for a program that you can join to get the right training. Some of the institutions that offer this training include corporations, quality consultants as well as various business schools.  Although it may not be important to your current employer, the knowledge gained will help you in many areas, and will absolutely be important to a future employer.  Six Sigma Professionals with current certification and experience are in very high demand when it comes to employment.

Programs vary from one institution to another. They can range from a 4 to 5 day course to lessons that are offered college style. You can also look for programs that are offered over the internet. This option is easier to integrate into your work schedule because you do not have to physically attend the lessons.

There are also programs that are specialized for specific business industries. If you are able to identify a program that is related to the kind of industry that you work in, then you should go for it. This will increase your relevance in the organization and add to your skills.

After you have found a suitable program that fits within your budget and time requirements, it’s time to sign up. You need to talk with your human resource department as well as your manager to decide on how the expenses should be paid. Some companies will offer to pay all the fees while others might require you to also contribute.

Attend the lessons and ensure that you prepare well for the examination. Some programs will acknowledge your achievement and award you the certification. Others require that you undertake a project before becoming a certified green belt. It is important to plan your project well. You need to involve co-workers as well as management in identifying a suitable project to work on.

Work on the improvement project that you choose until you are done. Use the principles you were taught in class. Some programs allow trainers to offer a helping hand from time to time. Another option that you can turn to in order to ensure you complete the project are fellow employees who have already been certified. They have knowledge about the organization and they can offer valuable assistance. Obtaining a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will increase your efficiency and also add value to your company as well as your resume.