How to Become a Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma is a method that is used in business to attain improvements that create high quality goods and services. Its main objective is to reduce variance in all products and services through highly streamlined business processes. There are different levels of six sigma certification. Each different level of Six Sigma Training and Certification conveys how much knowledge and experience a person holds when it comes to this particular quality improvement strategy. In a corporation, a black belt is regarded as a leader who is responsible for overseeing six sigma efforts by the lower level professionals such as Green, Yellow, and White Belts.

In order to obtain a Six Sigma Black Belt certification there are several requirements that you must meet. You need to determine whether you are qualified for the certification. If not, you can start by looking into green belt certifications as a stepping stone or by taking a statistics course to prepare yourself for the higher level mathematics that will be required in this statistically based theory.

The requirements vary from one training provider to another as there is currently no governing body for Six Sigma Certification.  This is why one needs to research and choose their training provider carefully based upon the curriculum, budget, and time constraints. Generally, you need to undertake at least one six sigma project during your Black Belt level training. You also need to have experience in leadership, as Black Belts are considered to be the team leaders within the Six Sigma Hierarchy.

You can use the internet to look for programs that might suit your requirements. Different programs vary considerably. It is therefore important to do proper research before you can join one. Some are better than others and it is advisable to choose one that is sponsored by a recognized body. It is advisable to study the course material before taking the test. In some institutions, the training ends there and you are ready to get certified. However, in others you may have to undertake a project or two in order to demonstrate your real-world understanding of the curriculum.

It is advisable to choose a Black Belt Program with a Project requirement.  This will also be very beneficial to you as the student as this project will be graded, and the feedback given is very valuable to the learning process. You need to plan well on how to go about the project, especially if some of the information contained in your project is confidential in your company’s perspective. It is advisable to seek the help of your management team as well as to gain their permission in order to complete the requirements. You can also seek help from black belts and experts in your location, if they are available, in order to find a project that is suitable to both your training and the company’s goals.

Take time to plan your project well. Carry out enough research and complete the project on time. Once it is completed, you need to monitor it properly to ensure that improvements are carried out. Training for this certification is a commitment and it involves serious time commitments as well as major brain power.

Within some companies, the Six Sigma training is customized to suit the needs of the firm. In such organizations, training can be done on site. Some six sigma courses also focus on specific industries. If you an industry-specific black belt training and certification class for your industry is available, it is often advisable to enroll in that option. It will be more beneficial as it will make your studies more relevant to your field of expertise.