General Requirements for Earning A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The certification for the Six Sigma Black Belt achievement is greatly related with a high sense of decision making in any business scenario. The terminology of the ‘belts’ comes from the world of martial arts.

Six Sigma is a strategy that is used for business management. It could be a company’s way of fighting back all possible setbacks that have been the root causes of the problems that they are currently facing. Hence, this kind of certification gives you a greater sense of credibility making your expertise a lot more genuine.

When it comes to Six Sigma certification, there are different kinds of ‘belt’ certifications that represent each individual’s level of expertise. There are those that are meant for the top level positions, like Master Black Belts or Black Belts, while there are also some that are good for those in the lower management levels such as Green Belts or Yellow Belts.  All levels are important because they all have the responsibility of working together to spread the information and knowledge they have gained for the success of their company. Usually a company employs this process in order to reach a certain change in entirety so as to eradicate the problems on hand. Hence, here are some things you may need to bear in mind if you are aiming for a Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

1.    You must have the sufficient knowledge of the various Six Sigma tools, techniques and strategies. You must have the capacity to master everything that is stated in the study material from team management to all aspects of business teamwork, leadership, and communication.

2.    In order to be certified, a legitimate training provider will require you to complete a project showing that you are capable of applying the methodology in order to save a company or organization a significant amount of money. Most require signatures in order to attest to the project’s completion.

3.    You should have the complete understanding of various consumer concepts since it is very important that you are capable of identifying with them. This process is all about gathering data from consumers in order to ascertain what quality they are looking for.  Knowing how to get this data is one of the most important things you can learn.

4.    You must be able to fully grasp the entire framework of the Six Sigma Methodology which is required for each candidate.  This is usually done through testing from the training provider.

Take note of the backbone of Six Sigma; the DMAIC process which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. You start by Defining the problem; Measure all the primary aspects of the whole process; Analysis of the data on hand; Improve and take Control of all future business processes while being consistent with the implementation of all these.