Factors for Employee Development

When planning training for employee development, one major factor to consider is each employee’s abilities.  You want to be sure to match the abilities of the employee appropriately to corresponding business training or there could be a problem.  If you want an employee to be capable of doing the accounting for the department and would like to send the person to an accounting course, be sure they are good at accounting and numbers.  Maybe the employee doesn’t have a mathematical mindset.  Think about the skills of the employee before you determine different training classes to send him or her to.

Another factor that needs to be determined during the planning phase of employee development are the areas of business that motivate the employee.  As a manager or a leader, you have worked with the employee long enough to know what makes the person tick. You need to know what makes the person want to work harder.  What kinds of things does the employee excel at and try extra hard at doing?  These are things that motivate the employee.  For example, if an employee shows motivation when they get to work with email accounts then you might want to send them to training to manage the email server.  This will ensure the training is worth the money because the employee will learn from it and they will be able to put it to use at work.

Areas for growth also need to be considered when planning employee development.  Is the company expanding at all?  If the company is expanding, which roles do you see employees moving up to?  What are areas the employee can grow in and needs additional training?  Choosing training classes can be easy to do when you focus on each individual employee and the specific areas within your business to promote each one.

Employee development can be done through training classes. Choosing training needs to be specific to each individual employee based on their abilities, what motivates them, and areas for the growth of the business as a whole.  Focusing on these factors can help you make good decisions abut the type of training budgeted monies are spent on, allowing the employee to better the company, and developing the skills of an employee for future growth within their career.