Employee Training Advice for HR Managers

If you are a manager of a company, or an HR representative, you will understand that hiring and keeping the best individuals is not always easy. By providing an adequate level of employee training from the outset, you can help to ensure that the business remains efficient, and each staff member takes pride in their position. There are a number of areas that should be considered when putting together an employee training program; the following advice should not be overlooked.

It is important to understand that not every employee has the same needs. For example, a new recruit who has past work experience relevant to their job will require less formal training than an individual fresh out of college. The one size fits all approach is not results oriented; a program that is of a generic nature is unlikely to help boost the skills of the workforce as a complete unit.

Before any coaching can be given, it is important to evaluate the needs of each individual. Assessing where certain employees are in terms of skills, knowledge, and abilities can help to ensure that the programs initiated do bring about the best results. It is also of value to identify the expected or desired results.  With a holistic approach, the outcome is likely to more desirable.

If employees are not interested or motivated, no amount of coaching would be productive. For this reason, it is of value to listen to the concerns of the workforce. You may discover that there are certain insecurities and worries that are commonplace, perhaps in relation to the use of technology or the way tasks are delegated. Try to make sure that the staff understands how the coaching will be of use to them; this can involve asking the employees to establish training objectives and methods.

The goal of any coaching sessions should be to provide development as opposed to remediation. Under no circumstance should an individual be made to feel that they are lacking in certain skills or knowledge. Criticism is unlikely to bring about the type of results that are desired, but positive motivation will.

Any learning should be a fun experience. Professional trainers understand the importance of creating an attractive learning environment. If we think back to school days, those lessons that were given with a sterile and monotonous approach did not inspire us to academic success, likewise in the workplace, training should be engaging and inspiring.

Choosing the right method will play a role in determining results.  Be aware that the different members of your staff are likely to have different learning preferences and styles. All training programs should be flexible and evolve to illicit the best outcome.  Make the effort to match the methods used with the preferences of different employees.

Career coaching should be an ongoing process and not a onetime event.  It is of value to build and adapt strategies to suit the status of the business. Evaluating the results from past programs can help to ensure that mistakes are avoided and future plans are modified so as to bring about an enhanced performance.