Demonstrations of Success – How to Correctly Offer Suggestions in the Workplace

Many different people work in less than desirable environments. They might have big ideas for changes and things that can be done differently to positively impact the workplace and the success of everyone that is involved.

However, anyone who has held a job as an employee knows how difficult it can be to make suggestions for improvement to management when they just aren’t willing to listen. If you’ve got serious ideas for improving the quality or efficiency of your workplace, you shouldn’t feel discouraged or like you can’t talk to your boss about them. There are ways to offer your suggestions, as long as you take the time to focus on a few things.

First, you need to determine how your boss will react. This can be done based on the demeanor that he or she has on a daily basis. For example, if your boss is less than receptive to anything that isn’t their idea, you might want to try an approach where you plant the seed of the idea and let them ‘come up with it’ themselves. However, if your boss is friendly, casual, and accepting of new ideas, then you could easily approach them with a new suggestion for doing things. Having different types of personalities running your company will prove to bring different levels of challenges to people looking to make suggestions.

Once you’ve determined how you think your boss will respond, you can start working out the plan to demonstrate your ideas. That’s right. You can’t just march into their office and start talking about a great idea. Well, you could, but this wouldn’t be productive because they usually want to see proof of how your ideas will impact the company. For example, if a certain process involves more people than necessary, you need to show the improved productivity of removing a person from the process. Or perhaps you have a suggestion about meetings. You will need to have data or charts that show the impact of your ideas on the overall process.

Making suggestions to improve your workplace certainly seems like a good thing to most people. However, management is widely known for being unreceptive to change, and hearing great ideas from their employees isn’t always flattering. Some will take it as a sign that you care, while others will think that you’re trying to show them up, depending on their attitudes and management styles. Use these cues and tools to develop a plan for suggesting improvements in the workplace, and you’ll be much more successful in your efforts in the long run. Keep these things in mind when you have suggestions to make.