Choosing the BEST Six Sigma Trainer

If you’re looking for a Six Sigma trainer, a simple search on Google will quickly reveal just how many choices there really are in the Six Sigma marketplace. With so many choices to pick from and with each one screaming “pick me…pick me”, which one should you trust with the future of your company?  Whether you are looking for Six Sigma Consulting or an online training provider, the same basic rules apply:

1. Make it fit your budget. Six Sigma Certification and training can go from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Let’s face facts, whether you’re choosing the most expensive or the least expensive training provider… you will still learn the basic principles of Six Sigma. Remember, whether you own a Ferrari or ride the bus, you will undoubtedly be moving closer to your goal.

2. Will they just train you or will they train AND certify you? Many training providers are just that… TRAINING providers. In a job market that treats you as “expendable”; it’s a safe bet to go with someone that offers certification.

3. Are they accredited…. if so BE SKEPTICAL! This isn’t college anymore and the Department of Education has nothing to do with Six Sigma. Choosing the right Six Sigma institute can be tricky because there is no official accrediting body for Six Sigma. If you happen to find one, after some quick research you will find it is typically owned by the training provider. If the provider is a college or university… they simply mean (in a misleading way) that their institution is accredited, however the six sigma program is not. Always look deeper into a provider’s six sigma certification qualification.

4. What about the course content? Emailing the provider for the course content can tell you quite a bit. Many organizations will rubber stamp your certificate after covering just a couple subjects. Be weary of any program that just covers a few basic principles.

Consultant or Online Training

In today’s fast-paced world classroom-based instruction is becoming extinct quicker than the dinosaurs. Online training is a must for any busy professional. But are they better than a consultant? Is reading a Spanish dictionary better than going to Spain? Having the direct communication with a consultant definitely has its advantages. Does it justify the $10,000+ cost difference? Many market trends are indicating a serious decline in consultant training. Many organizations today are more than eager to reduce the risk of any losses that could occur. But with the advent of the internet, the learning gap certainly does not seem to justify the price gap.

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