Choosing Black Belts within an Organization

When an organization makes the decision to choose an individual to become six sigma black belt certified, they should make this decision using well thought out processes.  Making this decision should not be an easy one without looking at and assessing several different candidates.  

It is often important to choose a top notch individual from within an organization to send to Six Sigma Training in order to become Black Belt Certified. The chosen employee should clearly stand out and have the leadership skills and the drive and ambition to complete the job.  It is important to choose an individual who has the skill set necessary to complete the project that is about to begin.  A company would not want to choose an individual who knows nothing about what he or she will be working on.  It will also be important for the organization to choose a qualified person to take over the training candidate’s other responsibilities while they are receiving the black belt training.

It is important to find an individual who loves a good challenge and is able to make quick decisions when questions are brought to their attention.  These individuals will spend one hundred percent of their time working on six sigma projects and the managers and bosses of companies need to ensure that the individual whom they choose is indeed capable of these requirements.  

These individuals should be able to overcome any obstacles that are presented to them and be able to function without their superiors always looking over their shoulder.  They should also be educated enough to make decisions with an abundance of data at their hands.  Quick thinking and the ability to change directions when necessary is a must.

It is important to choose an individual who will excel within the team and will complete in a successful manner the projects that he or she is given.  It is in this capacity that this Six Sigma Black Belt will act as a leader, or in other words, a project manager.  It is important to choose an individual who will change the company in a viable way and also be able to ensure more funds for the company as an ending result.  

It is extremely important to choose a candidate from within the organization and not a new hire who does not know the individuals and processes that have existed within the company.  Another important factor is choosing a replacement candidate for the individual going through the black belt certification.  He or she must be competent and willing to complete this person’s day to day task completion.   

It is vital to choose a candidate who displays the skill set of the project that is about to be implemented.  It is important for people chosen to be trained in six sigma at the black belt level and to have great interpersonal skills in order to ensure the success of the processes and projects within a company.