Six Sigma Videos

Sometimes the best way to understand a concept is to see it explained through videos. Six Sigma is no different. On this page, we’ve provided informational Six Sigma video links that contain explanations of everything from the basics of Six Sigma to the process of obtaining a Six Sigma certification and how the Lean courses are structured. Our goal in providing easily accessible Six Sigma videos online is to make the Six Sigma management system appeal to a broader audience, particularly those who might get confused by the lingo when simply reading about the system in an article. Our videos will help professionals gather a visual overview of how and why Six Sigma is used in the business world, the basics of its implementation, and the various methods that organizations use when implementing a Six Sigma strategy.

With each 6 Sigma video, and in particular the Six Sigma Basics video, you’ll obtain a greater understanding of the different levels of Six Sigma and what kind of training is involved in each tier. If you’re in the process of deciding if this certification is for you, we encourage you to watch the videos on this page and learn more about the value and applicability of the Six Sigma process. In addition to gaining a better understanding of the Six Sigma methodology, you’ll also learn more about what tier might be best for your unique career objectives, and what steps you’ll have to take to gain your certification.

No matter what industry you’re in, the Six Sigma management system can help you improve your performance, your profits, and your skills as a leader. The more you know, the better you can determine the value of a Six Sigma certification to your individual circumstances.

Ready to get started? Follow the links to view each video.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma in 4 Simple Steps (Video)

  • Six Sigma Article

This video explains the 4 necessary steps that are vital to proper Lean Six Sigma implementation.

Six Sigma Basics (Video)

  • Six Sigma Article

This videos covers many of the most frequently asked questions in regards to obtaining your Six Sigma Certification.

Understanding Six Sigma Part 1 (Video)

  • Six Sigma Article

This video is a sample from Six Sigma Online’s Six Sigma training program.  It offers a brief overview of the 6 Sigma methodology basic concepts.

Six Sigma Certification – Benefits for Your Business (Video)

  • Six Sigma Article

This video discusses the benefits that Six Sigma Certification can bring to you and your business.

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