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Lean, Six Sigma & TQM: Top Companies Document Their Success

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Lean Sigma and Six Sigma are the most frequently used
productivity approaches for numerous top-tier firms. More than half
(55%) of benchmarked companies expect to receive between 1-7%
of savings/revenue enhancement through Lean or Six Sigma

Army Adopting Lean Six Sigma

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The Army’s growing Lean Six Sigma program has its roots in a corporate method of eliminating wasted time, money and material.

The Lean Six Sigma Training Supply Chain: separating fact from fiction

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Are you hearing buzz about Lean and Six Sigma training? Not sure what the implications are for Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Managing Growth with Lean Six Sigma

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BD Diagnostic Systems is experimenting with a Six Sigma and Lean combination. Bruce Roed tells Jennifer Monroe that the result is proving to be just what the doctor ordered

Implementing Lean Six Sigma

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United Services cut in half its turnaround time (TAT) on narrow body aircraft landing gear overhaul. Collins Aviation Services slashed the TAT on some avionics repairs to four days — from 22. At its Corpus Christi, Texas, repair depot, the U.S. Army reduced the overhaul time on the T700/CT7 engines that power much of its helicopter fleet from 261 days to 93 days.

$96.7M for Theory of Constraints & 6-Sigma Support in US Naval Aviation

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The Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute in New Haven, CT won an estimated $96.7 million firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/ indefinite-quantity contract to provide training, implementation, and sustaining support for Theory of Constraints, Lean practices, and Six Sigma within the Naval Aviation Enterprise. DID has covered the US Navy’s affinity for this approach.

Private Label Website Builder, Akim, Implements Six Sigma Training

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Private label website building software company Akmin has implemented the time-tested Six Sigma methodology for ensuring the continual improvement and maintaining the highest quality standards for its online website building software.

Akmin’s SiteGalore implements Six-Sigma Training Framework

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Akmin, the leading provider of private branded online website building software SiteGalore ( for ISPs, Webhosts, Domain Registrars, ASPs and other service providers has implemented the time-tested Six-Sigma methodology for ensuring the continual improvement and maintaining the highest quality standards for its online website building software.

NWACC Named Training Provider for State Program

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BENTONVILLE — Northwest Arkansas Community College has been named a training provider for a recently approved initiative funded by the Arkansas Incumbent Worker Six Sigma Training Program, said Floretta Bush, dean of Corporate and Continuing Education at NWACC.

Chopping Costs with Six Sigma

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As India Inc. adopts Six Sigma, green and black belts are much in demand. Srinivasa Rao Dasari comments upon this trend

Quality and timely delivery have become crucial for the Indian IT industry to sustain its current position and expand further in the global market. Six Sigma holds the promise of making this possible. Many companies have realized the advantages of deploying the Six Sigma philosophy across different departments. IT majors such as Satyam, Wipro and Infosys are pushing Six Sigma practices across all levels, and training hundreds of staff members in its methodologies.

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