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What is Lean Six Sigma and what’s going on in Six Sigma news?
On this page you’ll find articles with current events and important updates regarding the Six Sigma program. The goal is to provide professionals with the information they need to evaluate the continued success of the Six Sigma management program. You can take a deep look into actual studies concerning how Six Sigma is perceived in today’s business world and how it’s affected industries across the spectrum. One of the key principles of the Six Sigma system is its ability to adapt and evolve for different environments and organizations. As our corporate environment increasingly generates more data, Six Sigma’s core ideas become strengthened and more applicable. After all, the more data we have, the better we can optimize systems and processes based on the successes and failures we find within that data.

With our Six Sigma news page, we’re bringing our readers up to date on Six Sigma information so that they can better utilize it in their own practices. Readers can also see how professionals in other industries are using Lean Six Sigma to better their projects and profits. We’ll get into why this system works in various economic conditions, and how we can better use it to experience optimal results.

Information on this page should be valuable to non-Six Sigma professionals as they can gain a broader understanding of its concepts and an idea of how implementation looks in action. At Aveta Business Institute, we offer progressive courses that can help business professionals increase their skills and marketability with a Six Sigma certification.
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Six Sigma Online Announces Free Six Sigma Certification for a Limited Time

  • Six Sigma Article Is Currently Offering an Introductory White Belt Six Sigma Online Training and Certification Free of Charge.

Aveta Business Institute Says No to Six Sigma White Belt Certification

  • Six Sigma Article

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma : are business management methodologies aimed at cutting waste and increasing productivity through eliminating errors by utilizing various processes and tools. Every business could use a little waste cutting and bottom line increasing in this economy. This is why many business owners and CEOs are turning toward Six Sigma Certification. This methodology is based highly on teamwork, with a hierarchy of certified professionals who bring about change in a methodical way in order to increase a business’ productivity.

Why Six Sigma Works Against the Recession

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The Six Sigma method works because it forces companies to look at their business through critical eyes and via a trained team of professionals, make a difference in daily processes. Many corporations use these 6 simple Six Sigma steps in their everyday processes.

Six Sigma Training – Spokane, WA City Council Trains 16 City Workers in Six Sigma

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Everyone hears about Six Sigma and how it can benefit a business, but very few see it in action. See how the officials in Spokane are handling their need for cost-cutting and budget management through the use of Six Sigma Training and leadership.

Lean Six Sigma – Adding BPM in Real Application

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According to a newswire release, Diebold has started using Lean Six Sigma to add to their suite of Business Process Management practices and improve their overall success with change and improvements within the company. They have chosen to work with Savvion to do so.

Six Sigma Training More Preferred Than MBA Programs in Recent Poll

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Aveta Business Institute’s Poll Results Overwhelmingly Show That Employers Will Choose Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Applicants Over MBA Applicants

Six Sigma Training And The Credit Crunch

  • Six Sigma Article

With its impact on costs and its positive effects on customer retention, is Six Sigma training what companies need to help them through the difficult financial environment of today?

A Practical Approach To The Successful Practice Of 5S

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The 5S ( i.e. Seiri, Seito, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke)  may be considered to be standard quality management tools by some Lean six sigma practitioners, but when you study them in detail, you will realize that their scope and importance is much more than what is generally said about them. 

NAVSUP Graduates First Class of Lean Six Sigma Black Belts

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As part of its effort to eliminate inefficient business practices through a process improvement methodology called Lean Six Sigma, the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) selected the first wave of Lean Six Sigma “Black Belts” in April of this year. On Aug. 12, 24 NAVSUP employees graduated from 160 hours of intensive Black Belt training and are now armed with the tools that will help streamline NAVSUP processes across the globe.

Six Sigma Project Reduces Analytical Errors in an Automated Lab

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The North Shore-LIJ Health System is the third-largest nonsectarian health system in the country. Created in 1998, the health system’s laboratory model consists of a strategically located core lab that uses total laboratory automation and offers consolidated testing, a rapid response lab in each of the system’s 18 hospitals, a standardized LIS, and standardized laboratory instrumentation. The core laboratory performs over 3.5 million tests annually for a client base comprised of hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinical trials, physician offices, and reference testing. The lab performs approximately 65% of the routine testing for the network as well as all microbiology, esoteric, molecular diagnostic, and reference testing.

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