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Six Sigma jobs are increasing in demand in today’s competitive business environment. A Six Sigma certification can support advancements in your career by teaching you marketable skills that can help you become a better leader and project manager and a more desirable job candidate.

On this page, you’ll find articles about jobs for Six Sigma professionals, including the specifics of what types of industries and companies are looking to hire them and how this certification can increase your earning potential. There are a few methods more universally applicable and valuable than Six Sigma. Jobs in all industries are better done by professionals who know how to read data, analyze it, and use it to make informed choices for success.

A Six Sigma job certification can be obtained through an online 6 sigma course, with real world applicability taught through a progressive and easily accessible program. With this certification, job applicants can separate themselves from the crowd and bring tools to the table that will assist organizations with designing, executing, and sustaining improvements in both new and existing processes, products, and services. Almost every single industry has adopted the method, and you’ll find the value of Lean Six Sigma in service jobs as well as corporate positions.

Thinking of going the contractor route? Many companies hire Six Sigma professionals on a project-by-project basis, and as this type of work expands, so does the need for more professionals fluent in the workings of Lean Six Sigma.

Read through the articles on this page to learn how a Six Sigma certification can benefit your career, your salary, and your value within a company. You’ll also find important information and tried-and-true advice for how to find work as a Six Sigma professional. Learn more and separate yourself from the pack with tools and skills you can take with you wherever you go.

Six Sigma Careers – A Perfect Time to Shine

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There is not really a specific career right now that can be exempt from all of the economic turmoil. However, if there is a career that can definitely benefit from the slow economy, it’s Six Sigma Careers. Read on to find out why these careers are so hot, even now.

Six Sigma Jobs – Become an Objective Source for Six Sigma Projects

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If you are seeking Six Sigma Jobs, you might not be thinking immediately about working for a specific company or having just one job. If you’re looking to become an independent contractor specializing in the six sigma methodology, you can do that and, in the process, find a successful and rewarding career.

Six Sigma Jobs – Your Role in Change Management

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When it comes to finding Six Sigma Jobs, you need to be sure that you completely understand your role as a Six Sigma Black Belt. It is your job to lead the project and to help facilitate the changes that will happen, which includes getting everyone to accept those changes. Your role in change management is critical to the success of Six Sigma in any organization.

Six Sigma Jobs – Finding Work in Slow Economic Times

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Jobs are scarce for everyone. Specialty jobs are even harder to find, making Six Sigma Jobs seem like the impossible dream for many. However, you simply need to look with determination and confidence, and apply to any job that you find that utilizes your skills. With enough effort and the right skills, you’ll find Six Sigma Jobs in no time at all.

Six Sigma Jobs – When Company Politics Get in the Way

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One of the biggest roadblocks for successful Six Sigma Jobs is company politics. Although team work is as inherent to Six Sigma as it gets, it seems there is always something standing in the way of your success.  Do your best to charge past it, so that you and your company can both reap the rewards of Six Sigma success.

Six Sigma Jobs – Resume and Interview Tips

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Finding and landing Six Sigma Jobs is very similar to most any other job hunt. You need to know how to make the most of your skills and sell yourself to an employer. If you aren’t properly prepared or you don’t make your resume appealing, you can spend a lot of time and effort interviewing for, but not acquiring Six Sigma Jobs.

Six Sigma Jobs – Resume Writing 101

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Writing a resume is never an easy task. When you are working to find Six Sigma Jobs, the process can be even more grueling. Which skills do you emphasize? Which do you leave out? Should you mention certain things? Read on to find out how to write a great resume for Six Sigma Jobs.

Six Sigma Black Belt – Compensation and Job Security

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Confused about how much to pay the Six Sigma Black Belt within your company?  Although it is very arbitrary, here are some things to consider.

Six Sigma Jobs – How to Make a Career Out of Your Training

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If you have found success within your company using the Six Sigma training program, you might find it beneficial to take one of the many Six Sigma jobs there are available in the workplace. A few years ago, only companies in the manufacturing division used this training program…

Applying for a Six Sigma Job

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Six sigma is a relatively new player in the business world.  Companies new and old are coming to the realization that it is a process that does a world of good and can help them to be more profitable. 

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