Six Sigma Jobs

Six Sigma jobs are increasing in demand in today’s competitive business environment. A Six Sigma certification can support advancements in your career by teaching you marketable skills that can help you become a better leader and project manager and a more desirable job candidate.

On this page, you’ll find articles about jobs for Six Sigma professionals, including the specifics of what types of industries and companies are looking to hire them and how this certification can increase your earning potential. There are a few methods more universally applicable and valuable than Six Sigma. Jobs in all industries are better done by professionals who know how to read data, analyze it, and use it to make informed choices for success.

A Six Sigma job certification can be obtained through an online 6 sigma course, with real world applicability taught through a progressive and easily accessible program. With this certification, job applicants can separate themselves from the crowd and bring tools to the table that will assist organizations with designing, executing, and sustaining improvements in both new and existing processes, products, and services. Almost every single industry has adopted the method, and you’ll find the value of Lean Six Sigma in service jobs as well as corporate positions.

Thinking of going the contractor route? Many companies hire Six Sigma professionals on a project-by-project basis, and as this type of work expands, so does the need for more professionals fluent in the workings of Lean Six Sigma.

Read through the articles on this page to learn how a Six Sigma certification can benefit your career, your salary, and your value within a company. You’ll also find important information and tried-and-true advice for how to find work as a Six Sigma professional. Learn more and separate yourself from the pack with tools and skills you can take with you wherever you go.

Increased Earning Potential with Six Sigma Certification

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Money is what makes the world go round. People are always hunting for new ways to earn money, and new ways to increase their present salaries. Six sigma is a strategic quality improvement method that enables businesses to decrease the amount of products that they waste, while increasing their corporation’s revenue. The earning potential with a Six Sigma Certified designation is one of the primary reasons many employees are willing to enroll in Six Sigma Training.

Discover Your New Job Using Six Sigma Methods

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Today, we see that people in business are seeking out those who have Six Sigma certification because they are beginning to realize how beneficial these methods are and how successful the projects are.  The number of businesses using the Six Sigma methodology have increased greatly in the past few decades. 

Using the Six Sigma Methods on a Freelance Basis

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Many businesses would profit greatly if they brought on board a Six Sigma freelance professional.  These professionals help guide a business owner, new or experienced, in the methods of Six Sigma and show the business owner what can be done to improve the overall quality of the company.

How to Become a Six Sigma Professional

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It is important for any individual to enhance their own career at some point in their life.  When an individual actively signs up for classes and courses to further their education, they will become a valuable resource to any organization. 

2012: 100 Companies that Employ or are Seeking Six Sigma Black Belts

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One of the most common questions prospective students have about six sigma certification is what kind of companies employ Six Sigma Black Belts and how much do they earn. Below is a list of companies that are either currently advertising positions for Six sigma Black Belts or that currently employ Six sigma Black Belts. This list was compiled from a 2012 online salary survey compiled in may by and from current job listings.

The Best Way to Show Six Sigma Skills

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All companies struggle with quality improvement. As a result, they employ the most efficient technique in order to help them, called Six Sigma. It is more of a management method than just an Engineering technique.

The Benefits of Hiring Six Sigma Professionals Explained

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The competitive nature of business in the modern world has led to the rise of management options that seek to improve the quality of production and reduce the possibilities of defective products. The role of Six Sigma professionals in the modern world of business cannot be ignored. These experts have crucial responsibilities in running a business professionally, and of late, this career specialization has become very popular with many driven business men and women.

Facts about Six Sigma Professionals

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Any business is an investment. These investments have goals which are to make profit. In order to be able to continue earning a place in the global market, a firm or any another serious business should be able to support itself. Every business has a production unit. This is where either products or services are made up and perfected before being put in the supply chain. In order to achieve the highest goals set there must be professionals involved. Six Sigma professionals consist of highly qualified and certified individuals tasked with perfecting the products and services offered by a business or organization.

Necessary Qualifications for a Six Sigma Project Manager

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If you want to work as a Six Sigma project manager, there are some qualifications that you need to possess. First, you need to have a Six Sigma certification indicating that you can perform the methodology at the Green or Black Belt Level. There are different levels of certification. To become a manager, you will need more than the basic Yellow Belt. It is also important to have a college degree, industry experience, management skills, and Project experience.

How to Make Career Advancement a Priority through Six Sigma Advanced Training

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Logically, the only way truly advance in your career choice is to get higher education than you have or additional training that expands your knowledge, expertise and abilities.  A prime example of this is Six Sigma Training and Certification .

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