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The Organizational Architecture of Six Sigma Training

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Six Sigma is a methodology that is aimed at reducing defects and bringing about quality according to the requirements and satisfaction of customers. It is important to understand the organizational structure of a team that undertakes Six Sigma initiatives. The various roles are similar to the martial arts’ naming convention. 

Roles And Responsibilities Of Champions & Master Black Belts

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Each organization will have its own structure and approach to Six Sigma. A successful Six Sigma deployment is the result of the teamwork of the members of the Six Sigma team. The deployment is successful if the approach is a top down one. Typically, a Six Sigma team has various members with varied roles and capabilities. 

Essential Skills Of Master Black Belts

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It is quite true that there are many factors that determine the success of Six Sigma implementation projects, but if we were asked to identify the one factor that often makes all the difference, it would most probably be the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise of Six Sigma Master Black Belts. 

A Six Sigma Guide To ‘The Belts’

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As important and essential is the implementation and use of Six Sigma to the livelihood of any business organization, the certification process for an individual to become Six Sigma qualified is rather obscure.  

The Levels Of Six Sigma Certification

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If you are considering becoming a Six Sigma professional, then you need to be aware of the various certification levels. This article educates you on the certifications available so that your career can rise high and fast in your organization.


Master Black Belts And The Art Of Managing A Project

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Does your Master Black Belt move with flawless ease?  Here’s how these smooth-talking professionals

ply their craft – and finish their projects successfully!

Six Sigma MBB – The Master of the Game

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The Master Black Belt is the key to successful Six Sigma implementation. Learn why Six Sigma hinges on the performance of these competent professionals, and why your organization needs them!

Six Sigma and Champions & Master Black Belts

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The responsibility of developing

a Six Sigma company successfully rests as much on Champions & Master Black

Belts as it does on Black Belts and Green Belts. But the importance of their

roles in the implementation can’t be understated, as the necessary contribution

from them is substantial. A Champion is a leader bestowed with authority and

the huge responsibility of overseeing the smooth and complete implementation of

Six Sigma.

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