Lean 6 Sigma

Lean 6 Sigma can maximize your individual potential or the potential of your business! Decades of empirical evidence don’t lie: Lean Six Sigma is a valuable tool for successful improvements in performance and profits. By using data – instead of assumptions and guesswork – to make key decisions, Lean and Six Sigma encourage companies and individuals to make informed, targeted choices that are optimized to put them on a path to success.

At the Aveta Business Institute, we offer certifications in all Six Sigma tier levels so that businesses and professionals can choose the ideal belt for their individual objectives and skill sets. Whether you’re looking for a Lean Six Sigma green belt certification or a master black belt, you’ll find a course that gets you where you want to go. Here you’ll find the basics of each Six Sigma category, as well as everything you need to know about the Lean Six Sigma training. Understanding the concentration of each certification level will help you decide which belt tier level matches your strengths and which certification you should pursue.

Data is the past, present, and future of business. The better able you are to read data, analyze it, and make decisions based on it, the more prepared you are to improve your career and earning potential. For decades, organizations have been increasing their performance and profits through the Six Sigma management system, and it’s becoming even more important as the business world becomes increasingly centered on big data.

Read the articles on this page to figure out which Six Sigma category would be the most valuable to you, and how to achieve it. For more information on Lean Six Sigma green belt certification, visit our page on Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Lean Manufacturing + Six Sigma = Lean Six Sigma

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There has long been a debate regarding the processes of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. For those who have experience in both areas, they prefer to combine both processes into a batch that is referred to as Lean Six Sigma.  It works because they are separate and unique programs that have similar goals and end results.

Lean Six Sigma Methodology Can Help Your Business

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Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two successful methods that organizations use to reduce waste, defects, and general mistakes; lean manufacturing and the six sigma methodology. Consulting companies will show your organization the tools you need to achieve continuous improvement and ultimately earnings growth, if requested.

Lean Six Sigma Tools for Project Managers

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Six Sigma is one of the most popular management methods used by companies to improve production and service quality. Established companies use these methods to streamline their operations and to ensure quality production always. There are newer methods known as Lean Manufacturing which have proven to work more effectively when combined with the traditional Six Sigma Methodologies.

What Lean Waste Means Within an Organization

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It is important for managers and supervisors within an organization to understand what waste is and how it can be eliminated.  All employees within an organization will create waste but there are ways to make sure that it is eliminated.

The Importance of Lean Six Sigma

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When we talk about getting lean it is usually in regards to losing excess weight and strengthening a new body that is lighter and capable of doing more in an efficient way. The same principle applies when Lean Six Sigma methods are applied to business operations in the area of business management strategies. Simply put, this process is all about cost reduction and increased profits.

Lean Six Sigma Effectively Eliminates Waste in any Business Environment

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Lean Six Sigma wastes refer to several types of non-tactile waste that is created in all businesses. These include transportation, inventory, motion, over-production, over-processing, and defects. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a methodology employed by companies because it plays a vital role in decreasing wasted resources while increasing the bottom line.

What Lean Manufacturing Will Do For Your Business

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Lean manufacturing is a management system that sets out to achieve a continuous removal of waste in all aspects of your business processes. This is achieved through small improvements that are implemented in increasing proportions over a period of time. The benefits can be seen in three significant areas of the business. These are financial, industrial, and commercial.

Learn All About Lean Six Sigma

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A lot of students select Lean Six Sigma training and DFSS six sigma training as an option for their Green Belt Certification. This program contains simple DFSS implementation as well as lean procedures. Students who are looking for a more advanced version of DFSS and Lean Six Sigma certification concepts should enroll in a Black Belt Certification Course.

Lean Six Sigma: An Overview

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Lean Six Sigma is a standardized business process which helps to improve the attitudes and procedures within various industries and niches in the market. It utilizes the DMAIC approach which has been a very successful method for many companies. The DMAIC model enables businesses to increase their productivity and meet with the ever demanding consumer market.

Lean Six Sigma Raises Productivity

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The Lean Six Sigma idea is based in statistical mathematical methodology. This business management strategy was first developed by Motorola and has since been used by many companies ever since.

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