Lean 6 Sigma

Lean 6 Sigma can maximize your individual potential or the potential of your business! Decades of empirical evidence don’t lie: Lean Six Sigma is a valuable tool for successful improvements in performance and profits. By using data – instead of assumptions and guesswork – to make key decisions, Lean and Six Sigma encourage companies and individuals to make informed, targeted choices that are optimized to put them on a path to success.

At the Aveta Business Institute, we offer certifications in all Six Sigma tier levels so that businesses and professionals can choose the ideal belt for their individual objectives and skill sets. Whether you’re looking for a Lean Six Sigma green belt certification or a master black belt, you’ll find a course that gets you where you want to go. Here you’ll find the basics of each Six Sigma category, as well as everything you need to know about the Lean Six Sigma training. Understanding the concentration of each certification level will help you decide which belt tier level matches your strengths and which certification you should pursue.

Data is the past, present, and future of business. The better able you are to read data, analyze it, and make decisions based on it, the more prepared you are to improve your career and earning potential. For decades, organizations have been increasing their performance and profits through the Six Sigma management system, and it’s becoming even more important as the business world becomes increasingly centered on big data.

Read the articles on this page to figure out which Six Sigma category would be the most valuable to you, and how to achieve it. For more information on Lean Six Sigma green belt certification, visit our page on Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Why Your Company Should Adopt the Principles for A Lean Enterprise

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Many company owners are surprised to discover that they are the cause of their own financial strain. This is not unlike private consumers who find themselves spending beyond their means, using inefficient practices, and failing to make the best possible use of their available resources. Choosing to adopt the principles for a lean enterprise will help you to start recognizing dramatic increases in your profits. This will allow you to lower your overhead and to start attracting and retaining more customers.

Avoiding the 8 Sources of Lean Waste

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Under the umbrella of the Lean Manufacturing concept, there are 8 sources of waste. All company process wastes are able to be categorized into one or more of the categories.

An Overview of Lean Certification and DMAIC Methods

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When employees within a company are certified in lean business methods, it will help to improve their overall attitudes and quality production of the company.  A very successful tool that has been used within companies is the DMAIC approach. 

Lean Six Sigma: How to Eliminated Non Value-Added Activities

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Lean Six Sigma is a combination of ‘lean’ thinking in which a business strives to eliminate waste and Six Sigma, a quality management strategy that strives to eliminate defects and perfect products and services.  When used together, they help any business or organization reach their highest potential when it comes to profits and customer satisfaction.

The Importance of Lean Processes for Your Business’ Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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Any business can greatly benefit from having in place Lean processes through which they handle the creation or their products or services. It is important to reduce the levels of waste and diversity that are involved in any business process that you undertake. If you do this, your business will obviously be able to function at a better level of productivity and efficiency.

Lean Six Sigma: Wastes and Principles

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Lean Six Sigma is an enhanced version of traditional six sigma training. The process is very essential in business management as it helps in eliminating defects and minimizing errors while cutting out waste.

How Lean Six Sigma Can Improve Your Business

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Lean Six Sigma is an industry enhancement program, which is designed to elevate productivity in your business. This innovative system can also improve organizational output while eliminating costly delays and increasing efficiency across vast networks. In order to reap the benefits of this cutting edge program, business owners have to secure proper training and protocols. This can be achieved by contacting a consultant or training provider that specializes in these types of seminars.

Lean Six Sigma Can Eliminate Defects in Your Business Processes

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Lean Six Sigma is a combination of the improvement in quality that comes from Six Sigma methodologies and increased speeds due to lean manufacturing principles. It is a discipline aimed at eliminating process defects. It focuses on removing any process steps that do not add any value. The combination of these two methodologies will improve the quality and efficiency of any organization

A Detailed Explanation of Lean Six Sigma

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The delivery of services and products is a very essential part of any business. There is a great need to improve the way any firm satisfies its clients over time. To make these possible, businesses, firms, and organizations make use of efficient methods of improving delivery. The most efficient way is the use of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology.

A Clear Explanation of Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma plays a big role in combining the quality enhancement that is brought about by the use of six sigma and speed step-up that results from the use of lean manufacturing standards.   Used together, they offer businesses a new approach that is proven to be successful for any venture’s productivity.

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