Black Belt Certification

Is Black Belt certification right for you? With the articles on this page, you’ll learn exactly what the role of a Black Belt professional is in the lean Six Sigma management system, as well as top insights that can help you determine whether a Black Belt certification is the best step for your career and goals.

Articles include examples of the types of organizations that employ Six Sigma Black Belts, as well as an inside look at what goes into Six Sigma Black Belt training. Each belt in the Six Sigma management system plays a critical role, both individually and together as an overall team. In addition to explaining the core basics of being a Black Belt professional, the articles on this page help define the qualities that a professional interested in Black Belt certification should possess in order to help determine whether it is a good fit for your business style, skills, and objectives.

The Six Sigma system consists of five tiers – the White belt, Yellow belt, Green belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. Lean Six Sigma requires that each individual in each belt tier possess a number of key qualities that qualify them for the position and ensure they’re in a place to offer the most success to both the project and the company. A Six Sigma Black Belt certification can help you make the most of your talents and show executive leadership exactly what you have to offer. Professionals in almost every single industry have found lasting success and learned incredibly valuable techniques that help them excel at all levels. Six Sigma introduces you to skills that will help make you a better professional, a better leader, and a more effective project head.

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Implementing Six Sigma Black Belt Methodologies in Pharmacies

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Pharmacies provide prescribed medications to people.  This type of industry could benefit from Certified Six Sigma Black Belt because of the seriousness of this profession.  Many of the benefits of implementing Six Sigma programs into a pharmacy include reducing human error, improving customer satisfaction, and improving overall processes.

Six Sigma Black Belt Consultants – Your Role in the Company

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When working as a consultant on Six Sigma Projects, it can be hard to define your place because you’re an outsider. However, when you take the time to ensure that you are able to communicate effectively, finding your role shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure that you are in agreement with the company about what that is.

Your Future as Six Sigma Black Belt

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If you have the total understanding and hands on experience of implementing the Six Sigma methodology using the statistical tools available, you may be ready to consider advancement in your Six Sigma Training and Certification. 

Launching a Career With Six Sigma Training

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Six Sigma is a business management strategy that seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing errors and variability in both manufacturing and business processes.  The methodology uses quality management and statistical methods.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification – Is It Right For You?

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Unsure of whether to jump right into your Six Sigma training with a Black Belt, or to start off slow with a Green Belt or Yellow Belt?  Read on to find out if the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is right for you and your learning needs!

Black Belts and Master Black Belts

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It is a commonly held assumption that every company trying to implement a Six Sigma training process requires, at the very least, a Six Sigma Black Belt to drive improvement. Some companies will reach above this to the level of a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. For some people this sounds like a semantic difference at the most, just adding a word and changing little. But a Master Black Belt can be the difference between a good and great Six Sigma implementation.

Six Sigma Belts – What is the Difference?

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Confused about the different Six Sigma Certification Belts, and the roles of each within a business environment?  Read on for some clarification.

Six Sigma Black Belt – Compensation and Job Security

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Confused about how much to pay the Six Sigma Black Belt within your company?  Although it is very arbitrary, here are some things to consider.

Six Sigma Training – Qualities of a Proper Black Belt

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Need a Six Sigma Trained Black Belt, but are unsure whether to hire someone new, promote from within, or train an employee?  Read on to discover the very basic necessities required for a great Six Sigma Black Belt.  It is not as important where you find that Black Belt, but rather the skill set that they possess.

Six Sigma – Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt Training

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Confused by the various “Belts” of Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma Training?  Here the various “Belts” are discussed, with special interest in the duties of each in a typical Six Sigma Project.

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