Business Theory – Push and Pull Theory

Instead of employing the same techniques that large businesses use, small businesses should try to find alternate paths in accomplishing their business goals.

Small business owners may feel intimidated about the business world at times.  A small business owner may have the fear of being completely over taken by larger companies in their niche or fear some sort of other end to their business.  However, small businesses have strengths that even large businesses may not possess and these strengths must be taken advantage of. 

The business theory known as the push and pull theory involves small businesses using both push and pull strategies to help them improve on their strengths and overall business functions.  Push strategies will be those that push sales to increase the number of customers you have.  Pull strategies will be those that pull the customers to you.  When you are working to push the sales of your small business, you will need to give your products and services a special edge over the competition.  Keeping an eye on your competition will be very important key for this theory’s success. 

Offering incentives that larger companies and competitors do not, or reducing prices are ways to push sales.  Of course, smaller businesses will not always have the extensive funds to use for advertising methods or extra incentives that larger companies will.  Smaller businesses may not be able to offer lower prices than their competitors for risk of losing too much money.  However, small businesses can formulate plans to make their products and services more affordable by making their business processes more efficient.

Pulling the customer to you instead of losing them to the competition is essential for the life of a small business.  The way you present your products and services and how you handle your customers will all be determining factors in whether your company receives an individual’s business or whether the competition gets their business.  You will want an effective and interesting business website to compel your customers into buying what you have to offer.  People like to find original and interesting content on the internet because there is so much duplicated content on the internet.  If you have employees, you will want to make sure they are trained to handle customers with the utmost care and appreciation to ensure that customers keep coming back to you.