Big Sales Gains with Six Sigma

Why are sales people successful? Are there things that your best people are doing that the rest of your sales force should be doing to boost the bottom line? Try the Six Sigma quality control theory today!

At many companies, sales people are reluctant to share their secrets as they try to protect their commissions – this is not the best approach for the good of the entire company. Using Six Sigma to boost sales will help uncover what works for your sales force and what doesn’t, as well as keep everyone working at maximum efficiency.

At the heart of the Six Sigma quality control effort, is providing consistent value to your customers. Whether it is in manufacturing process or the selling effort, your goal should be too make sure that the customer is completely satisfied. General Electric was one of the first major corporations to embrace Six Sigma, and at the same time CEO Jack Welch declared that the customer was the center of their universe and everything that the company is to do will revolve around them.

How do you put your customers at the center of your universe? First, you must have a complete understanding of their wants and needs. A six sigma black belt who has been assigned to examine the sales operation will start by surveying customers on your product (or service) in an attempt to collect data on what they like about it and what they don’t. The survey will also ask for an honest evaluation of your sales people. Are they meeting the needs of the customer and how well do they understand the product? This information becomes vital as the sales operation is reviewed to find wasted effort and problems.

A Six Sigma operational review involves several team members and should include one of your top clients. If you make it clear to them how important they are to your operation, your sales will benefit. This is a way that you can also anticipate their future needs and design your product to adept to their changing needs. Too often, companies find out that their product is obsolete and are left trying to sell something that no one needs.  By the time this has happened, it is often too late.  It is impossible to stand still when it comes to business.  Successful companies are always evolving and are always trying to find that next big product or service that will wow their customers, both old and new.

Asking questions of the customer and keeping open lines of communication will improve the way that the entire sales department functions. It is often thought that sales are about schmoozing the client but Six Sigma teaches us that is not true at all. Sales are about meeting a client’s needs with a quality product that is reasonably priced (and free of defects).   Although it sounds impossible, the help of the Six Sigma Methodology makes it commonplace for lots of businesses – large and small – all over the world.