Basic Tips for Lean Six Sigma Certification

Issues within processes will be identified in a timely manner by using lean six sigma certification.  This is done through a systematic approach to data collection and analysis.  Even though a company will be speeding up their processes, their product or service will still be in high demand; it will just have close to zero issues (about 3.4 per million) involved with it throughout production.

It is extremely important for companies to cut out the defects and waste in their processes that inhibit a timely delivery of products and services to their customers.  When an individual becomes certified in this methodology, they are trained to identify issues within processes so that the transition becomes smoother and production is increased rather than decreased.

Certified individuals have access to many various types of tools and methodology to make the process run smoothly.  Understanding the basic disciplines to speed the processes is one benefit of becoming lean six sigma certified.  When an individual is certified in this methodology, they understand and have mastered statistical skills and tools for improving the day to day operations of the business, maximizing quality and profit at the same time as eliminating or decreasing waste and defects.

It is important that companies understand that they will benefit when there is more knowledge creation over knowledge replication; speed and quality will come when there is knowledge creation.  When there is flow improvement, better service will be delivered to a company’s customers.  When managers try and make a project fit rather than by letting it develop and flow, there will be issues that will need to be addressed.

A project should never be forced if it does not seem to be going well.  When all of the decisions about a project are made before the project begins, there is more of a guarantee that there will be issues along the way.  That is why it is important for managers to take the time for lean training so that they have the ability to test and measure the project over time and make informed decisions based on the data they collect.

When an individual becomes lean six sigma certified, they are trained to study the project and test it throughout its developmental period rather than force a project through with the result of many issues.  Employees are able to dissect the core processes, guaranteeing fewer or no problems at all with the project.  Within this methodology, everyone works as a team toward common goals, namely increased quality and profit, while decreasing waste and rework.