Areas of Employee Training and Development

When it comes to providing training for your employees, there are many different areas from which to choose. Depending on what type of business you run, employee training and development may be a frequent part of your overall requirements. No matter how often it is implemented, training can serve a multitude of purposes in many different ways.

Technology has become the present and future of business. It is how most business transactions are accomplished and how job duties are carried out every day. Because of this, employees must be trained on the latest computer applications in order to perform their specific job duties.

There are different types of computer training that serve the purpose of employee training/development. One is general computer skills. In order to use the various computer programs that are required, employees of today must possess excellent general computer skills. This often encompasses the basics, Internet, E-mail, word processing, and the use of spreadsheet applications. Knowledge of database programs may also be required and certainly won’t hurt. There are a number of courses taught in these areas that range from teaching the basics to giving trainees the opportunity to improve skills they already possess. These classes are usually inexpensive and many of them take place during the course of a day. When this is the case, employers only need to send their employees to one day’s worth of training for each area listed above or at least each that applies to the specific business or job title. That way, each will fulfill the necessary requirements while learning.

Even if your employees possess excellent computer skills, it may also be necessary to send them to training for learning how to use the updated applications they use everyday. Often times, updates mean change and while these may seem small, they can appear very large when the goal is to accomplish work and the latest version of a particular application is hindering this process.  Learning a process that used to be like the back of an employee’s hand suddenly becomes tedious and burdensome with certain updates.

Many companies also use proprietary applications, which are programs that were created specifically for a particular business or position within a company. Here, more specialized employee training/development is needed. This training may last longer, but is still just as important. It will cover the basics of such applications as well as a more in depth look at how they work, so that when the time comes, the implementation of the application may be completed as seamlessly as possible.