Six Sigma – Defining Critical To Quality

Identifying Six Sigma Metrics critical to quality is a significant step in the design process of a product or service. In order for companies to meet the level of customer satisfaction that is expected, they must be able to identify problem areas as well as areas of success. This is absolutely critical for success to occur and is a necessary part of the operation of any type of business no matter its size.

Once a project is begun and executives have taken the time to find out what the customers want or need, it’s time to start defining the critical to quality information. Here a quality function deployment, or QFD is used. This is what is also referred to as the house of quality.

Critical to quality measures characteristics of a product or process in an effort to meet performance standards or specification limits. This is a necessary part of customer satisfaction, and is very important to the overall success of a company.

The characteristics of a particular product or service can be as simple as a word or phrase that is descriptive. It does not have to describe the entire product or service, but must cover at least one aspect. Measures will provide a definition of how the characteristic of the product or service should be quantified.

There will also be costs involved that must be measured and analyzed. The whole idea in identifying critical to quality is to come up with solutions that will reduce the overall costs while providing the highest quality possible to the customers. This is what will keep them coming back and is what every company strives for all the time.

Critical to quality is very important and it is necessary to understand what goes in as well as what comes out. These outputs will provide important information that can be analyzed and used to improve overall customer satisfaction. There are many factors that are part of this entire process and they can be measured separately so the best possible solutions may be reached. This will save the company both time and money and will further its ability to attract new customers on an ongoing basis. That is why critical to quality has become an essential part of customer satisfaction and why it is frequently measured using Six Sigma methodology.

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